11 Dapper Brides and Grooms in Bow Ties (And How to Steal Their Style!)

There are really only a couple of occasions when it seems fitting to wear a bow tie. The first is, of course, to a black tie event. The second is if you just want to be really, really stylish. In the past several years, this gentlemanly staple moved away from the staid, formal territory of its past and leaped firmly onto the necks of the fashion-forward. Thank goodness.

Brides, grooms, engaged folks and guests rejoice! We’re digging into the GayWeddings.com archives to bring you some of our favorite bow-tied beauties.

1. Jess and Erika

lesbian wedding bow tie fashion

These brides wanted an elegant barn wedding, and they totally pulled it off with delicate accents in a rustic setting. While Jess elected for a sleek, lace white gown, Erika went with a khaki vest, matching pants and the geometrically patterned bow tie.

2. Felix and Eric

gay wedding bow tie fashion

There’s only one way to truly do a Palm Springs wedding, and that’s with tons of color. Grooms Felix and Eric took this edict to heart with pops of rich purple, from their matching Chuck Taylor shoes to the bright bow ties that adorned their suits.

3. Kayla and Tawsha 

lesbian wedding same-sex wedding bow tie fashionA three-piece suit complete with a pale blue bow tie is really the only proper attire for a wedding as romantic as Kayla and Tawsha’s. While Tawsha chose a full-length gown with a veil, Kayla wore a rich blue suit and a complimentary bow tie. We’re not even going to talk about the matching pocket square. Not. Even. Going. To. Mention.

4. Kyle and Kaylan

kyle kaynen bow tie

This is the time in our lesson when we talk about mixing colors, and how awesome it looks. In this styled shoot, Kyle and Kaylan (who are a couple in real-life, as well!) both went for statement bow ties in bright colors—pink and green—set off by dark-colored suits. The result is two complimentary looks that aren’t super matchy. 

5. Robert and Matt

gay wedding bow tie fashion

If bow ties and bare, natural landscape don’t immediately mesh in your mind, check out these two grooms’ outdoor New Mexico wedding. With a green gingham shirt and a colorful bow tie, this groom added flashes of color and style to a simple grey suit. 

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6. Kara and Erin

lesbian wedding bow tie fashion

Look, Colorado is cold, and one might find the need for an extra neck adornment to keep warm. Kara bundled up for the couple’s snowy wedding with a bright blue shirt, a vest, a jacket and colorful bow tie. 

7. Anthony and Ignacio

gay wedding bow tie fashion

Individual style was a big part of these grooms’ California wedding—the co-ed wedding party wore similar colored frocks in different styles. Also, the grooms chose the same suit, but put their spin on them with different ties. While Anthony went for a sleek black tie, Ignacio chose a snazzy black bow tie. 

8. Ryan and Sebastian

gay wedding bow tie fashion

There are times when a bow tie is added for snazz or style. Then there are times when a wedding is actually black tie and a bow tie is not only completely appropriate, but anticipated. For grooms Ryan and Sebastian’s New York wedding, not only did they don black bow ties, but all of the men in their wedding party also rocked matching bow ties. 

9. Christine and Ashley 

lesbian wedding bow tie fashion

What is it about suspenders that seem to immediately elevate a great bow tie? Ashley not only donned suspenders and a bow tie for the wedding, but all of the men in the wedding wore matching bow ties. 

10. Linsey and Nicky

lesbian wedding bow tie fashion

In keeping with the classic, yet urban theme of their Columbus, Ohio wedding, Linsey and Nicky each choose wedding attire with elements of romance. A floor-length gown with a birdcage veil for one bride; a three-piece suit with a bright, multi-colored bow tie for another. 

11. Larry and Vinny

gay wedding bow tie fashion

These grooms’ Chicago boat wedding was unapologetically patriotic, right down to the cranberry, navy and cream wedding colors—a nod to America’s iconic red, white and blue flag. The couple’s matching bow ties followed this theme, with one groom going for a navy bow tie and a pale pink shirt. and the other selecting a white shirt and bright cranberry bow tie. 

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