14 Fun & Creative Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

If you choose to do the whole wedding cake thing, you and your partner might find yourselves faced with an age-old gay wedding conundrum—what in the world do we put on top of the cake? And, where do we find cool, gay wedding cake toppers that reflect our relationship? 

Look no further, ladies and gents. We’ve rounded up 13 of the most fun, creative and totally gay and lesbian-friendly cake toppers to make the task super-simple.

For a twist on traditional cake toppers

gay wedding cake toppers from spotlighttoppers.com 1. LGBT Cake Toppers, Spotlightertoppers. If you attended or ever saw photographic evidence of weddings in the ‘80s, you’re familiar with the then-ubiquitous man and woman cake toppers. Channel that nostalgia through SpotlightToppers, which offers fully customizable toppers, like the ones chosen by Real Grooms Anthony and Ignacio.






lesbian wedding cake toppers weddingcollectibles.com2. Lesbian Gay Wedding Cake Topper, Wedding Collectibles.  The only thing better than a bride is two, right? Grab these life-like toppers in a variety of skin and hair colors, not to mention bouquet and shoe colors.







batman and robin gay wedding cake toppers 3. Batman & Robin Cake Topper, Wedding Collectibles. Celebrate the fact that you’ve found your lifelong sidekick with these nostalgic toppers. We’ll leave it to you to argue over who gets to be Batman.








For the newly minted Misses’ (or Misters):

Show off your new status with these simple Mrs. & Mrs. or Mr. & Mr. toppers, made from a variety of materials.

lesbian wedding cake topper black acrylic 4. Same Sex Cake Topper, Etsy








gay wedding cake topper wire 5. Mr. and Mr. Wedding Cake Topper, Etsy










lesbian wedding cake topper tree slice 6. Mrs. & Mrs. Tree Slice Cake Topper, Etsy.  







For the animal lovers: 

elephant gay wedding cake topper lesbian wedding cake topper7. By Heart Cake Topper, BHLDN. Serious question: What’s cuter than baby elephants? Answer: Nothing. Why bother with human-like interpretations of your love when there are tiny paisley elephants ready to gently stomp all over your cake?







gay wedding cake toppers lesbian wedding cake toppers8. Love Wins Rainbow Toucans in Love, Etsy. Why not celebrate love—not just yours, but the entire community’s? These equality-minded love birds from indigotwin’s shop make a subtle statement. 






owl wedding cake toppers gay wedding cake topper lesbian wedding cake topper 9. Owl Wedding Cake Topper, Etsy. Let these sweet, non-gendered wooden owls represent your love to all of your guests.







For the wordsmiths:

hooray wedding cake topper gay wedding cake topper lesbian wedding cake topper 10. Hooray Cake Topper, BHLDN.  What word better sums up the feeling of finding your forever partner and celebrating with your favorite people? Hooray!








better together wedding cake topper lesbian wedding cake topper gay wedding cake topper 11. Better Together Wedding Cake Topper, Etsy.  Jack Johnson said it best when he crooned, “Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together.” You both know it’s true, so why not carry that sentiment over to your cake.





best day ever wedding cake topper 12. Best Day Ever Silver Cake Topper, David’s Bridal. Best. Day. Ever. You know this to be true, so claim it right on top of your cake.








gold love wedding cake topper 13. Gold Love Cake Topper, David’s Bridal. Don’t complicate things when this simple, gold beauty tells the story of your relationship, your wedding and your future marriage so succinctly. We love it. Pun intended.









For the couples who want to go completely rogue:

lesbian wedding cake topper 14. Who says your wedding cake needs a topper at all? Take a page out of Real Brides Kelli and Nicole’s book and let the beauty of the cake speak for itself—no preamble needed.






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