5 Reasons Elopements Are The Most Fun Way To Get Married

By Maggie Winters of PopWedCo

I might be the biggest fan of elopements in the entire galaxy. When couples get to plan their entire wedding day around what they want, and the focus is all about their brand new marriage — what could be more fun? 

As a photographer, my couples always seem happiest, most relaxed, and most able to enjoy their wedding days at elopements and intimate weddings. And now that I’m engaged and planning my own elopement wedding, I get to see what goes into planning an elopement from the couple’s side (hint: it’s even more awesome than being the photographer). Wondering why eloping is awesome? Wonder no more!

Here are five reasons that elopements are awesome!

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1. You get to do exactly what you want (without worrying about your guests)

When you eliminate the “giant party” part of planning a wedding, you can do pretty much anything you want on your wedding day. It’s awesome.

2. (Most) people stop trying to give you advice

The majority of people expect traditional, party-based weddings, so when you throw them for a loop with “WE’RE ELOPING!”, most people will be confused and curious rather than hopping straight into wedding-advice mode. And from what I’ve heard, wedding-advice-mode is not fun.

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3. You can still include your favorite, favorite people

The definition of “elopement” is changing, and regardless of what you call your elopement, you can invite whoever you want! In our case, it’s parents, a sibling, and three bestestest friends, so nine people plus the two of us. Still an elopement, still rad.

Maggie Winters

4. And it saves tons of money

Obvious, right? One of the most fun features of an elopement is all the PILES OF MONEY you’ll save when not trying to buy dinner for hundreds of people! 

5. Plus, you can do something awesome after the wedding part

What are you and your fiance’s (or fiancee’s!) favorite things to do? Do them on your wedding day, in your wedding outfits! Elopements are usually quick, fun, and then the wedding part is over, so plan something you’ll love for the rest of the day. If you’re traveling for your elopement wedding, ask your photographer, officiant, or a local planner for ideas!

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…And there they are, five rad reasons to elope (on a list of probably 29,834,792,834!) For questions about eloping or planning your elopement in Washington, DC, we at Pop Wed Co are always available to chat!

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