6 Easy Ways to Make Wedding Planning a Total Breeze

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Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Kudos! You’re engaged (or, anticipating that moment). You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to wedding planning. You’re also completely overwhelmed. Here’s our advice: Take a breath.

We created this website to help engaged couples like you navigate through every step of the process, and we’ve got your back. There are a ton of resources within our pages, so we’ve created this cheat sheet to show you around and help you find what you need to make wedding planning way easier.

1. Get Inspired

While weddings among LGBTQ-identified folks are becoming more popular sights within the wedding industry, it can feel like pulling teeth to find images of wedding styles that you like featuring LGBTQ people. We like to publish a diverse set of weddings—courthouse, religious, rustic, black-tie, etc—so you can grab lots of ideas and inspiration.

And, really, one can never be too inspired. Looking at LGBTQ weddings of all stripes can not only help you visualize your dream queer wedding, but also may help friends and family who may’ve never attended a same-sex wedding. In that case, don’t be shy about sharing some of the weddings you find here with your future wedding guests.

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2. Get Stuff Done

Now that you’re filled to the brim with inspiration, it’s time to actually do stuff. Maybe you want to formally propose. Many same-sex couples skirt heteronormative engagement traditions so both partners can have the opportunity to be the one who gets down on one knee and be the one who says yes. Super cool.

Maybe you need to figure out your wedding budget. (We recommend not going any further until this step is hammered out.) Maybe you’re ready to pick out your wedding attire.

Whatever stage of the process you’re in, our Planning section is full of useful resources from experts, wedding professionals and couples who’ve gone before you.

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3. Get Cool Tools

Decades ago, weddings were planned with the help of huge binders stuffed to the brim with business cards, guest lists, checklists and checks. But now, just as hardly anyone communicates via handwritten letters, you don’t necessarily need the paper binder to keep your wedding on track.

With the help of WeddingWire, we offer a slew of tools to get you going. Create a beautiful, personalized wedding website, design an inspiration board for your special day and even get a little help generating your wedding hashtag. All of the tools are free to use, too, so no worries about dipping into the ole piggy bank.

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4. Get Your Supportive Vendors

Much like raising a child, it takes a village to plan a wedding. When it comes to LGBTQ couples, we hope that village is waving the flag and totally excited about serving you. That’s why our Gay Weddings vendor directory only includes wedding professionals who we know are eager to work with LGBTQ couples. We have more than 136,000 professionals for you to choose from, and we’re adding more all the time.

When you’re perusing our directory, you’ll be able to see examples of their work (if it’s visual, like a cake or a floral arrangement) and, most importantly, you’ll be able to read reviews from their past customers.

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5. Get Some Education for Your Loved Ones

Even as marriage equality has spread across this great land like a California wildfire, your wedding might be something of an anomaly for your close friends and family. Consider that your special day might also be the first same-sex wedding your wedding guests (and maybe even wedding party) attend, so look to our website for advice on how to answer the tough questions and resolve any snags along the way.

Next Step: Read “What Every Straight Person Needs to Know About Gay Weddings.” Consider whether some of the advice might be helpful for your guests, and potentially include on your wedding website.


6. Get Some Support

While a great group of bridesmaids and groomsmen can help, sometimes you need to discuss/vent/commiserate about the finer details of wedding planning with folks who get it. Our forums are the place to find like-minded couples to answer your wedding questions and, occasionally, feel your pain.

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