6 Paparazzi Proposals to Inspire You on National Proposal Day

There’s no wrong way to propose your endless love and devotion to your partner, but there are some ways that just feel so right. In honor of National Proposal Day (March 20), we asked the folks at Paparazzi Proposals for some pointers on how to propose like a superstar, and they sent over a few of their most show-stopping LGBT marriage proposals. 


1. Amita & Kristen

Amita met Kristen on the street corner of 13th and Lotus in Philadelphia. And “coincidently” passing by that same street corner, Amita proposed, almost 11 years later. 



2. Matt & Jake

Matt waited for Jake to turn around before getting down on one knee and surprising him with an engagement ring. He chose Central Park because of their mutual love for nature and the outdoors and all the memories they have shared in it. Like other same-sex couples, they are most excited to begin the next phase of their lives together by making a public profession of their love and commitment to each other through marriage.



3. Ashley & Rachel

Ashley surprised Rachel with a proposal at Connecticut’s Lighthouse Park. A lighthouse serves as a navigational aid to guide ships home. Rachel had served as Ashley’s lighthouse, because wherever they were together is where Ashley wanted to call home. And now home never has to leave her side. 



4. Brenton & Ian

Brenton wanted to bring Rome to his boyfriend Ian, and thats why he chose to propose among the columns at the pavilion in New Orleans City Park. 



5. Anne & fiancée

Anne actually impulsively proposed to her girlfriend one night, while they were on the couch watching TV. However, Anne wanted to make it official and planned a surprise proposal while they were vacationing in Boston, to see the band that sung the first song they danced to. Even though Anne surprise her fiancée with a proposal, she surprised Anne by arranging for the band to dedicate the song to their first dance. 



6. Julie & Amy

For July and Amy, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but a little push from a friend. In fact, their first date would have been their last if their mutual friend (who initially set them up) wouldn’t have convinced them to go out on a second. And thankfully she did, because it was during that second date that they discovered what they love most about each other, they make each other laugh. And several laughs later, on a spontaneous trip to Washington, Julie surprised Amy with a diamond ring. 


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