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Derek Chad Photography

Derek Chad Photography

Whew, what a whirlwind, huh? If you’re a wedding professional reading this, you might have joined us at last week’s WeddingWire World 2016—our fabulous conference for wedding professionals to learn and grow.

If you’re a fiancé(e) reading this, let us paint the scene for you. Picture it: Hundreds of photographers, officiants, makeup artists, planners and every other wedding professional you can think of gathered in Washington, DC eager to better serve you.

For us at GayWeddings.com, we spent our days educating wedding professionals about all things LBGTQ—from language to identity to breaking away from traditional wedding gender roles. The professionals who joined us at our discussions or chatted us up were smart, curious and very customer service-oriented.

In celebration, we invite you to continue the conversation! Whether you joined us or not, there’s a lot to learn here on GayWeddings.com. Our weekly newsletter is geared towards helping couples and professionals stay up-to-date on the most inspirational real weddings and engagements and find expert wedding planning advice.

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1. Show Your LGBTQ-Competence

A lot of wedding professionals ask us how they can create a safe space for their same-sex couples. Reading our couples’ love stories, and learning about the incredible diversity of the LGBTQ community will provide a useful education in meeting the needs of the community. (BONUS: If you have LGBTQ couples who are struggling to find meaningful inspiration and advice, forward them a newsletter to get started.)

2. Preview Next Season’s Wedding Trends

Did you know that many mainstream wedding trends have their origins in same-sex ceremonies? Popular mainstays like the first look, as well as up-and-coming trends like mixed-gender wedding parties are old hat for LGBTQ couples. Always more willing to forge new paths, LGBTQ couples often lead the way for the greater wedding community. See what our couples are up to learn what you’ll be seeing at your next wedding.

3. Discover How You Can Truly Help LGBTQ Couples

We’re not just interested in publishing pretty pictures—we want to know the story behind our couples. How did they meet? When did they fall in love? What was wedding planning like? By paying attention to our Real Wedding and Real Engagement stories, you can learn what challenges LGBTQ couples still face when interacting with wedding professionals. Take these valuable lessons into your next meeting, and serve your customers even better.


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4. Learn from Wedding Professionals

Our couples depend on great wedding advice from the top wedding professionals, whether that’s an officiant offering creative options for the all-important walk down the aisle, or travel experts detailing the hottest cities for LGBTQ-friendly destination weddings. Gain insight on the challenges and opportunities presented by same-sex weddings with these advice articles.

5. Keep LGBTQ Couples Top of Mind

Lots of wedding professionals are eager to serve and better understand LGBTQ couples, but have not had the pleasure of securing any same-sex weddings. Subscribing to the GayWeddings.com newsletter is a great reminder of your commitment to LGBTQ couples, even as you wait for your first LGBTQ client to call you.

6. Super-Convenient, Non-Annoying Stories to Your Inbox

We know you love us, but not like that! That’s why we pack the best of GayWeddings.com into each newsletter, and only send it once a week. For daily updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook!