7 Reasons to Consider a Cash Wedding Registry



Wedding registries, like the ceremonies that accompany them, have radically changed since the days when fancy china and a heavy serving platter were considered en vogue wedding gifts. With most couples living together for months or years prior to walking down the aisle, it’s no wonder an industry of alternative registries cropped up to accommodate those who actually would not like more flatware. This is where cash registries come in.

If you’ve never thought about a cash wedding registry—but like the idea—now’s the time to consider creating one. Maybe you’ve always wondered about them, but aren’t sure about the etiquette.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, check out a few of the reasons many engaged couples choose cash wedding registries, and see if one might be right for you.

  1. We already have all the household goods we want: This is probably the first thought for many couples considering a cash registry. Considering same-sex couples are even more likely to cohabitate and have an established home life together before tying the knot, this sentiment may be even more prevalent in the community. If this is the case, an alternative registry is definitely the way to go.

  2. We have other priorities right now: Otherwise known as, we’d rather use the $200 you spent on that tea kettle for our honeymoon fund or household expenses. Thankfully, wedding etiquette rules have modernized with the wedding industry, and there’s no shame in asking for cash to divvy out as you want, rather than requesting specific gifts. As long as you’re gracious about asking for and receiving any gift, your guests won’t be put off by this approach.

  3. Our guests will bring us cash anyway: In lots of families and social circles, it’s common—if not customary—to present newly married couples with envelopes of cash rather than bring a gift to the wedding. The rationale behind this is exactly the same as that of a cash registry: that your guest wants you to have the freedom to do what you’d like with your gift. If this is the case, an online cash registry won’t be a hard sell and might make it that much more convenient for your guests to send cash.

  4. We’re saving for an expensive honeymoon or a new home: Some alternative registries are designated for just these purposes. With more couples paying for their own weddings (again, for same-sex couples it’s much more the norm than for straight couples), your guests will understand if you’d rather have help paying for those post-wedding milestones and not a saucepan. Moreover, even if your registry isn’t specifically created for this purpose, you may choose to explain to your wedding guests that their cash registry gift will go to fund these experiences.

  5. We want to experience life as a couple: Speaking of experiences, more and more couples are choosing to pool their wedding gift cash to go on adventures together—big and small—rather than collect items. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a museum membership, rock climbing classes or road tripping supplies, wanting to participate in activities together as married spouses is one of the most popular reasons couples choose cash registries.

  6. We only need a few household wares: The genius thing about some cash wedding registries is the freedom to select some items for your registry, but also ask for cash as well. This is a great option for couples who may already live together, but want to upgrade some small appliances, or maybe want to amass a few items for hosting. You’re able to select the items you want while also giving guests the option to simply send money as well.

  7. We want to take the stress out of wedding gift shopping for our guests: We’ve all been there—pacing up and down the aisles of a home goods store, consulting a printout full of gift options and fretting over which one to purchase. The balancing act of staying within a wedding gift budget, but also wanting to celebrate our friends and family, can make gift shopping trying for some. A simple cash registry makes gift-giving super-easy for your guests.

Photo by Maggie Winters Photography 

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