7 Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016

While some wedding trends turn into traditions others come and go as surely as runway fashion trends. We wanted to find out more what to expect from weddings this season, so we turned to two bona fide experts.

Kim Forrest is editor of WeddingWire and a 10-year veteran of the wedding industry, while Kathryn Hamm is publisher of GayWeddings.com and a much sought-after authority on LGBTQ marriage.

Here’s what they expect to see in weddings this year:

1. Mixed-Gender Wedding Parties

mixed gender wedding party photo by matthew david

Photo by Matthew David

Same-sex couples have long embraced the idea of shaking up wedding traditions, and the wedding party is not excluded. Nearly every wedding we published last year on GayWeddings.com featured a mixture of men and women in the wedding party, and we certainly expect to see just as many this year. An interesting twist is the trend is now spilling over to opposite-sex couples, who’ve decided to take a page from your book and disregard antiquated gender rules for wedding parties.

2. Drones

When we read about Bobby and Cal’s wedding, which featured a videographer’s drone to capture the whole wedding because Cal’s mother could not attend, we were, understandably, awed. Now, Kim tells us drone photography and videography is an up-and-coming trend that more weddings will embrace in 2016.

3. Hashtag Central

With wedding photos flooding social media, is it any wonder creating a special wedding hashtag is now added to the big list of pre-wedding to-dos? Kim predicts an expanding social media presence will gain even more steam with the help of apps like Snapchat and Periscope. (Need help creating your wedding hashtag? We’ve got you.)

4. Eucalyptus

While this herb has mainly been associated with its medicinal properties, sparse, stylish sprigs of eucalyptus are popping up in wedding bouquets, centerpieces and on cakes everywhere.

5. Textured Buttercream Frosting

textured buttercream ryan greenleaf photography

Photo by Ryan Greenleaf Photography

Move over naked wedding cake, lots of frosting is in the cake-cast for 2016. Kim said couples will opt for classic white, but go for interest with textured buttercream designs.

6. L-O-V-E

We saw the rise of typography in weddings last year, with couples choosing bright, interesting signs and fonts, versus traditional scripts. This year, expect to see the word “love,” everywhere, as a very poignant reminder of the reason for the event.

7. Retro Menswear

retro grooms Eric Brushett Photography

Photo by Eric Brushett Photography

Bow ties and suspenders aside, folks wearing menswear at weddings will delve even deeper into the retro well of inspiration. Our trend experts expect to see hues like burgundy and plum.