8 Great Same-Sex Wedding Invitations, Cards and Signs

There was time, not that long ago, when choosing the perfect wedding invitations for a same-sex wedding required creativity, loose interpretations and extensive searching. Pride Month has highlighted the many ways the wedding industry is adapting and innovating to make the perfect products available to LGBTQ couples.

Same-Sex Wedding Symbolism

Stationers are increasingly adopting symbols that uniquely represent same-sex couples. From cameos of two women to the traditional male and female symbols entwined, today’s cards are both popular and a gift to engaged couples who feared they had few choices.

1. Two Hands One Heart

Compatible Cards on Etsy.com

2. Blue Modern Male Icons

Purple Trail

3. Female Symbols Entwined

Wedding Paperie

Customizing Same-Sex Invitations and Announcement Printing

One of the best parts of planning gay and lesbian weddings is rewriting the etiquette that has ruled all brides and grooms, sometimes for way too long. Living in an era of easy online customization doesn’t hurt either. Couples can now choose exactly who they want to appear as hosts—one set of parents, both sets of parents or no parents at all. No one is bound to awkward verbiage, and online proofing allows you to have many sets of eyes review your final product before it prints. High-quality invitations, announcements, programs and other printed pieces can be ordered quickly if needed, and even intricate custom work is easier to find and manage online.

4. Top Hats and Bow Ties

Doodle Moose Designs

5. Two Happy Brides

Rosy Designs on Etsy.com

6. Vintage Mustache Invitation

Wedding Paperie

Greeting Cards

If you are a guest at a same-sex wedding, you too can benefit from the awakening in the industry. There are several fabulous sources of greeting cards to help you gift, congratulate, and thank your hosts and your friends. Stock up today, and you’ll keep your engaged LGBTQ couples in smiles all year.

7. For Butter or For Worse


Beyond Cards and Invitations – Same-Sex Wedding Signage

Stationers and artisans are looking well beyond just cards, announcements and invitations. They are producing beautiful and intricate signage for same-sex wedding ceremonies and receptions. “Here Come the Brides” and “Here Come the Grooms” banners, along with “Choose a seat, not a side” signs are available in dozens of hues to match your palette, and designs to complement your décor.  You can even have a ring bearer or flower girl put the perfect closing touch on your recessional with a “Love Wins” flag or banner.

8. Love Wins Sign

The Ritzy Rose on Etsy.com

This is an exciting moment in same sex weddings when LGBT couples no longer have to “make it work” when it comes to printed and customized products. Instead, you can choose from the many designs, styles, and customization, and make your printed pieces true reflections of you.