8 Registry Items You Need When You’ve Been Living Together Forever

Here’s something to consider before throwing your hands up and opting out of the tradition of wedding registries because you have all the flatware and machinery you want: Registries can be a godsend to your close friends and family. Even if you and your partner have been living together for years, your wedding is a special occasion that the folks closest to you can’t wait to celebrate. 

A registry helps them quickly and painlessly ensure they’re gifting you what your heart desires.

So, don’t dismiss a registry altogether, just get a little creative. We’ve partnered with Target to offer a few suggestions for fun registry items that are perfect for the happily cohabitating couple.

marquee letter

1. Metal Marquee Letter

If you’ve spent the past few years creating the home of your dreams, then allow your wedding registry to become a time of experimentation—an opportunity to add more flair, introduce quirkier elements or just plain refresh your current decor. This metal marquee lighted accent piece—choose one in the first letter of your shared last name, or grab two to represent both last names—adds a modern touch to just about any kitchen, dining room, living room or study.


2. KitchenAid Professional 5-Quart Mixer 

This baker’s-grade electric mixer is the grandaddy of wedding registry coups, whether you’re anxiously waiting to make a home together, or you’re happily ensconced in apartment #15 together. This stainless steel variety makes any kitchen setting or decor, from super-modern-futurist to country home chic, and will last forever and ever. Get ready to become a pie-making, cupcake-baking, bread-kneading empresario of mixing!


3. Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

 Turn your kitchen into a first-class coffee shop with this multitalented coffee maker that’s designed to tailor the brew strength and output to your preferences. So, whether you’re in need of a plain cup of Joe, a carafe of coffee to entertain a bunch or the perfect mug of cappuccino, this machine and its included accessories have you covered. 


4. Select by Calphalon 15-pc Cutlery Set

Whether you’re a gourmet or a complete novice in the kitchen, a great set of knives is an essential investment. This 15-piece set includes the proper knife for all occasions, whether you’re just popping bagels into the oven for brunch or whipping up a delicious dinner for two.


5. Hamilton Double Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This, friends, is what happy mornings, happy breakfast-at-dinner evenings and, really, happy marriages are made of. Throw any muffin, biscuit or toast, along with eggs and protein into this breakfast sandwich maker for instant happiness with your partner.

 162919596. Calphalon Contemporary 12 Piece Non-stick Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set

Here’s one way to think about your wedding registry if you’ve already got lots of home essentials—it’s a great excuse to upgrade, or grab a more uniform set of dishware. That’s why this 12-piece stunner cookware set is great for couples who already have an assortment of dishes, but are looking to replace some older items and add streamlined style to to your cabinets.

 50220440_Alt027. Bose® SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System

Because who wouldn’t want all of their music streaming apps (Spotify! Pandora! iTunes!) connected to a beautifully designed music system? Stash the wireless speaker in the kitchen to keep you company as you cook, or place it on the bedside to let Maroon 5 croon you to sleep. Better yet, move it around and switch up your streaming apps as you please.

 50985363_Alt038. Playstation VR

Look, a wedding registry is intended to help newlyweds create a welcoming home, right? We can’t think of anything better than a high-tech, virtual reality-infused round of video games to make your guests feel at-home in your home. A unique light-up design, 3D audio and “Whoa, it feels like I’m there” visuals take gaming to the next level.

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