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About dapperQ’s Guide to Wedding Fashion

“Gays who wed today are pioneering traditions that will long inform those who follow in our footsteps.” That’s according to dapperQ, a.,k.a. Susan Herr, a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur who produces dapperQ.com – for those “transgressing men’s fashion.” In this exclusive with GayWeddings.com, dapperQ is gleefully expanding her portrayal of transgressive fashion to include gay wedding wear.

What you can expect from dapperQ’s Guide to Wedding Fashion:

Transgressing Gender – Looking for options you won’t find in mainstream bridal magazines? Find encouragement here for customizing a look that uniquely “suits” how walk through the world.

Queering Traditional/Classic Looks – What are the fun and fashion-forward ways that couples are drawing from differences of geography, ethnicity, sartorial history to inform their outfit selection? Cowboy boots with dresses? Traditional Chinese costumes? Nautical themes?

Coordinating Statements – We may be the same gender but that doesn’t mean we want to look like twins. Find ideas for how you can harmonize two dresses or two suits but still stand alone.

Shopping – Is it easier for two women to shop on-line for their dresses? To insist on using a dressing room in the same department you are buying from even if sales associates don’t like it? Share perspectives on companies which want our business, those who don’t deserve it, and how to avoid hassle you don’t need.

Pre and Post-Ceremony Outfit Ideas – In addition to finding the right look for your ceremony, what guidelines are helpful for dressing for the rehearsal dinner? After-party or after-brunch?

Hair, Make-Up, Fitness – It doesn’t matter how great your outfit is if you don’t feel good in it. Look here for hints that can make a big difference in how you look and feel on D-Day – and the zillions of photos that will return those moments years from now!