About Karen Patwa

Karen PawtaName: Karen Patwa

City, State: Brooklyn, NY

Website: www.dangerousmathematicians.com

Facebook: dangerousmathematicians

twitter: @dangerousmath

Tumblr: http://womeninweddingsuits.tumblr.com/

Linkedin: karenpatwa

Email: karen (at) dangerousmathematicians.com

Phone: 718 717 2248

About Karen Patwa

Math teacher-turned fashion designer Karen Patwa founded her clothing company, Dangerous Mathematicians, in 2005. Her goal as a designer is to celebrate the intelligence, individuality and creativity through exciting and high-quality design. Karen specializes in tailored suits for women, creating garments that suit the needs of each individual.

Schooled in mathematics and physics, Karen brings her left brain into the field of fashion, employing elegant lines and curves to create timeless style. Karen and her work have been featured in the NY Post, TIME OUT, and New York Magazine.

Karen believes the tailored suit is the perfect vehicle to layer modernity over tradition, and play with femininity, masculinity and androgyny. She helps her clients find the right balance for create timeless pieces for their weddings, which they may store away for eternity or wear over and over again.

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