Affiliate Policy

About has relationships with a number of advertising networks and affiliate services. We generate revenue by placing these banner ads and text links on this site. We do our best to make advertising and affiliate links clear (they often appear at the top, the side, or the bottom of pages).

Though we are retail dealers for invitation products, such as, we also offer their product lines as an affiliate (or co-branded) partner. This means that our customers, while shopping online, may find that they are shopping on one of our co-branded sites and, as such, will have full access to invitation proofing and editing tools, but cannot add products from our primary boutique into one of the co-brand partner shopping carts nor can co-brand partner products be added to the shopping cart in our primary boutique.

As we understand that this may create some navigational confusion, we encourage you to contact us with any questions about these programs should you need help ordering these products.

Customer Service acts as an intermediary between customers and distributors in its affiliate program. The individual distributors are responsible for all billing and shipping duties, so if you have a question in regards to payment or delivery be sure to contact the distributor. does not have access to these records, nor do we have access to any of your personal information (including credit card numbers and home addresses) for those orders.

In addition to our boutique on, we also own &, the original full-service online boutiques for same sex couples, which feature invitations, wedding products and personalized accessories. Though our storefronts at & remain posted online as time capsules, many of the products are no longer in stock and all orders should be placed via the storefront. For customer service on products purchased at any of those sites, please contact us.

Distributor Contacts

If you purchase a product featured as part of an affiliate program on be sure to note the company you are purchasing it from. This should be relatively easy since all products link out to third-party sites and you should receive order confirmation emails from the distributing companies.

If you encounter problems accessing pages or have general questions about, please contact us.