American Observer Reports On Business Opportunities For Gay-Friendly Businesses

The American Oberserver, a DC-Based magazine for the graduate school in journalism at American University, reports on the ecomonic projections for the local wedding market. Citing figures from Forbes.com and the Williams Institute, the article offers an impactful argument that the local economy will benefit with the recent legalization of same sex marriage.

With this increase in interest in this market, gay grooms and lesbian brides have plenty of options now available.

From Same-sex Marriage Promises Opportunity for Many D.C. Businesses:

When Hamm's mother founded the company in 1999, the legalization of

same-sex marriage still seemed a remote possibility, and same-sex

couples had a difficult time finding "gay-friendly" businesses that

catered to their specific needs. 

Today, the increased acceptance and legalization of same-sex marriage

poses a challenge for companies like Hamm's, because the increased

profitability of what was once a niche market has drawn in much more


"People aren't having to work quite as hard to find gay-friendly

vendors," Hamm said. "There are more and more vendors presenting

themselves as willing and able to work with gay couples." 

Nevertheless, the passage of the same-sex marriage bill in the

District has unquestionably been a net positive for Hamm.

"We have absolutely seen an uptick in traffic from the D.C. metro

area," Hamm said. 

Visits to GayWeddings.com from Virginia have increased by 43 percent;

from Maryland by 110 percent; and from the District by 150 percent,

Hamm said.