This Beautiful Wedding Planner Binder Wants to Make Planning Fun Again


Photo by Maggie Gaudean

For most couples, wedding planning is a one-year-long planning marathon, full of big visions and tiny details. Choosing which resources will help you along the way can be equally daunting, but we must recommend that you add a brand-new planning resource to your list. The Capitol Romance Wedding Planner binder is bright, inspiring and fun—just the sort of thing you need to jog your creativity and keep you racing toward the finish line. Created by Bree Ryback, who runs a wedding and relationship blog for Washington, DC-area couples of the same name, it’s a bold new addition to the wedding planner market. Just like her website, the planner is 100 percent inclusive, and well-suited for all couples. 

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GayWeddings: Tell us about the Capital Romance Wedding Planner? What is it, and who is it for?

Bree Ryback: The Capitol Romance Wedding Planner is a three-ring binder full of templates, resources, tips and advice to help couples plan their wedding and stay organized during the planning process. It’s for any couple that needs a little help getting started with planning and staying on track from day one to the wedding day. It’s for couples that enjoy writing things down and having actual lists and sheets of paper to doodle on.


GW: Why were you inspired to create the planner? 

BR: I noticed that my clients needed help in the same areas. They needed the same things and they almost always brought some sort of binder they had made to our meetings. So I thought, I have so much knowledge and advice that I’ve collected over these past four years of being a wedding coordinator, why not have a local design company make it into an actual planner that ANY couple could buy/use, not just ones that were my clients. I like to help couples make wedding planning less stressful and more FUN. I think my planner does that.


GW: How is it different from other planners on the market?

BR: From the snarky, bright covers, to the recycled cardboard binder and all the way through each page – the planner is different because it was created 100 percent by me and my experiences as a wedding coordinator. I sourced past clients for what they included in their own wedding planners and I asked vendor professionals what they wanted clients to know before they inquired about their services and the end result is my planner. It’s less “you must do this” and more “have you considered this!” and “don’t forget about that.” It’s a guide, it’s not a rulebook.


Photo by Maggie Gaudean

GW: You’re a wedding planner turned blogger, right? What sparked your passion for weddings? 

BR: Actually the blog came first! I am a blogger turned wedding coordinator. And like some vendors in the industry, it was planning my own wedding that led me to start the blog. I saw a need in DC for there to be a voice for couples and vendors that didn’t want expensive, traditional, opulent weddings – ones that craved weddings that focused on personality and not just pretty details (though I love details too). From the blog, someone asked me to coordinate their wedding and I got hooked. Wedding coordination takes my love of weddings, my love of helping people and my type-A nature and roles it into one job. It’s awesome.


GW: You had a wedding, you’ve helped others plan weddings and you’ve profiled tons of real weddings on your blog—what’s the best advice you have for someone planning a wedding right now? 

BR: My best advice is always this: there are NO rules when it comes to wedding planning. You don’t HAVE to do anything. The only thing you REALLY need are you, your partner, and an officiant – the rest is just details. So have fun, try not to get overwhelmed, and try to focus on why you are getting married in the first place. The rest will come.


GW: What crucial aspect of wedding planning is often overlooked? 

BR: To me it’s all about the wedding day timeline. Maybe it’s not always overlooked, but unless you have a planner/coordinator in your ear asking about it, it can be forgotten. And really, you could have the BEST band, the BEST food and the BEST decorations, but if your timeline of your wedding day is off, the flow is weird, and you have hangry guests, then none of those bests will matter. To me, it’s all about logistics.


GW: What else do you want us to know? 

BR: That the planner is meant to be ever-evolving and hopefully always getting better. I have them made (locally in DC by the oh-so-awesome Typecase Industries) and I do them in small batches so that I can make them better with each batch. So I want FEEDBACK from buyers – things you loved, things you didn’t, things you wish it had. This planner is for couples – to help them save money, to help them save their sanity, and hopefully make wedding planning fun again.

Head to Capitol Romance’s store to check out the planner for yourself! 

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