The Bridal Suit

Karen patwaThere are literally millions of discussions on the web about wedding dresses, but not too many about wedding suits. There is such a wide range of wedding attire that transgress the dress concept, it’s surprising that more tailored options aren’t available on the mass market. That will most likely change very quickly, thanks in large part to gay weddings!

Tailored clothing creates structure. It can shape and highlight, and can take on many

different personalities.

The closest cousin to the dress is the skirt suit. They might sound dull to some, but the right skirt suit can speak class and sophistication in volumes. The tailored, slightly masculine details of the jacket are beautifully balanced by the femininity of the skirt.

For a very formal look, make sure your skirt hits the floor. Not interested in full-length drama? Try your jacket with a pencil skirt. Be careful not to channel too much Jackie O here, unless of course you want to. Another way to work with the pencil skirt is to pair it with a vest (Vests also work well with full length skirts.) Collared shirts and simple shells work beautifully under vests, and are a nice way to add some color to your palette.


Dangerous Math Styles


Jenn models a Dangerous Mathematicians Duchess Satin Skirt Suit | photo credit: Sandy Ramirez

If you’d rather have a little more yang in your outfit, you can go with a pant suit. The beauty of the pantsuit is that it works for everyone. While the concept of the pantsuit does channel a more “masculine” look, in reality you can project as much masculinity or femininity as you want. The fit of the jacket, the length of the jacket, and fit of the pants are all aspects of the suit that will influence its feel. Hair, makeup, jewelry and shoes give additional direction.

Dangerous Mathematicians

Paula in a custom taffeta and lace creation on her wedding day

For a more formal look, you can bring a vest into the picture and make it a three piece suit. For a more casual look, skip the jacket and just wear the vest.

Dangerous Mathematicians

Dara in a custom three piece herringbone suit on her wedding day

There is a “right” suit for everyone. If you’re sold on a wedding dress, go for it. If you are already decided on a suit, find the one that’s right for you. If you want to explore, do a little research. For inspiration, take a look at our tumblr page to see pictures of women throughout the decades, gay and straight, who have opted for the wedding suit.


Math teacher-turned fashion designer Karen Patwa founded her clothing company, Dangerous Mathematicians, in 2005. Her goal as a designer is to celebrate the intelligence, individuality and creativity through exciting and high-quality design. Karen specializes in tailored suits for women, creating garments that suit the needs of each individual.