Brighten Your Big Day

Photo by Aphrodite

Wedding Color Trends and Tips

By Jennifer Belkus Goolkasian

Whites and creams may ring classic and true, but lots of couples are choosing to enliven their wedding or other celebration with pleasing, new palettes. Going big with color will make an impact, and can even be favorable on the purse.

Photo Credit: Aphrodite Wedding Photography


“Color is a great way to get bang for your buck in decorating,” declares Melanie Bibbo of Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design, Portsmouth, N.H.. Place vibrant linens or vivid bouquets “to draw your guests’ eye to a focal area,” she adds, “away from ceilings or blank white walls.”

From lighting design to favors and foods, elements grand and small contribute to the overall feel you provide for guests. The dash of red and green from “chilled strawberry soup ‘shooters’ with a sprig of mint,” Bibbo illustrates, “can tie into a summer garden theme as much as rose centerpieces or floral linens.”

“With color, set a tone or the ‘vibe’ of a party—,” she says, “a splash of yellow is cheerful, deep reds can be romantic or sultry, blues can be moody to serene.”


Wedding parties have long paraded color down the aisle featuring cummerbunds, ties and gowns in arresting combinations. Brides and grooms can also choose from favorite shades of the rainbow, whether breaking from recent Western traditions or following older, family traditions. Step regally in lush purple and crimson, or dreamily in Caribbean-inspired aqua and teal.


Get personal with color by embracing a bold, new look for your visage. “Pops of color” show “radiant” along skin, claims Joanne McDonough of Joya Beauty, Dover, N.H.. McDonough creates custom-blended make-up just for your tone and type. A “dash of bright yellow” here, or “a bolt of blue” there, she says, can be chic, charming and wearable.

Color Schemes

What pairings are en vogue? Florist Kelly McCormick of Green Stem Designs, Medford, M.A. shares her fresh observations on these following families of hue:

Bright Nights

“Hot and even neon colors from the past are resurfacing everywhere this season, giving us an excuse to be bold with color choices for weddings, fashion and home décor; look out for fuschia, lime green, sunshine yellow and nectarine!”

Collectedly Cool

“Another fresh look are the soft cool tones of white, blues, purples and greens; a pallet pulled from familiar, iconic stores such as Tiffany’s and Company.”

The Ever-Greens

“Last year’s trend of green and eco-fabulous everything is here to stay. Natural and neutral colors and textures, with an array of green tones will play a key role this season.”

Remember, it’s your prerogative to make a splash! “Embrace your commitment to each other with your own signature colors,” says McCormick, “Your photos will be memorable and inspirational.”

Photo Credit: Aphrodite Wedding Photography