Caring For Your Wedding Rings

Stephen Gosling PhotographyAs much as we all would love our gold and diamond jewelry to stay shiny and sparkly forever, the reality is that over time jewelry shows its “day to day” wear. To help save time, money and hopefully anguish, I will share with you some basic pointers on how to maintain a fresh and clean look and help preserve your rings for years.

Over the years I have heard many methods people use to clean their jewelry and it amazes me how many do not realize the harm they can be causing their precious heirlooms and beautiful jewelry. Using bleach, ammonia, or any hard cleaning chemicals are not wise choices. Though diamonds are safe from such materials, certain chemicals can over time erode the metal (whether gold, silver or platinum). Consider that if you have a diamond set with prongs, these can be vulnerable to erosion over time using chemicals and eventually loosen their grip on the stone and before you know it, one less stone to wake up to.

To avoid harmful use of cleaners, I have found the most effective means of cleaning diamond jewelry is probably one of the simplest and most commonly found cleaning materials around the house. To achieve just as brilliant a sparkle to your rings and make them look like new again, soak them in a small dish of lukewarm water and a squirt of mild liquid hand soap such as Palmolive or Dove. The soap is gentle on the gold and will not harm the prong settings holding the diamonds. It will also help remove the grease and grime that may have accumulated on your diamond and make it radiant again.

I have actually soaked my rings anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight. Obviously with more time, there is more chance that the soap will loosen up all dirt hidden under stones and hard to reach crevices. However, if time is of the essence and you need a quick fix cleaning, even 10 minutes will suffice to give your piece a fresh new clean look.

When soaking is done, rinse under a good strong stream of water to get all the soap and suds out from under any diamond. Though not necessary to do with every cleaning, it is ok to designate a soft bristled toothbrush to jewelry cleaning and use it to help get stuck dirt out from beneath stones and hard to reach places, all while under a stream of water.

I then suggest laying the jewelry on a clean paper towel for a minute or two to drip dry and get most excess water out before using a new dry paper towel to wipe dry on the outside as well as inside and most importantly: under the stones! It is not advised to use a towel for drying because threads can get caught on prongs and may cause damage it snagged. I also do not recommend using tissues, due to the micro fibers left behind after wiping.

Though cleaning once a month on your own can keep your ring looking fresh and new, it is also advised every other year to have your rings professionally cleaned, polished and even stones tightened, to ensure a long, sparkling life.

Time for Spring cleaning!


Photo credit: Stephen Gosling Photography

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