Catie Curtis Wants To Marry You!

Catie Curtis by Tony BakerA dream, but it's true!

Yes, Catie Curtis really does want to marry you. Or, to be more specific, she wants to marry you and your partner.

Catie recently received her officiate license, now allowing her to perform legal marriage and civil union ceremonies and wants to put her newest accomplishment to work. (And, yes, she'll do commitment ceremonies as well. As she said to me, "I do it all!")

But, here's the best part, she's also going to perform some songs for you at your ceremony or reception.

A fan of Magnolia Street? Or her latest (yet to be recorded single), I Do? Well, how 'bout asking her to sing it in your honor?

We are, of course, THRILLED to offer this opprotunity exclusively in our boutique, and encourage you to check out my recent interview with Catie in our new Expert Article series and my column, The Psychology of Same Sex Weddings.

We thrilled to have you on board, Catie, and, I know I speak for many in the LGBT community when I say: Thanks for everything you do!