Creating A Commitment Ceremony

Kathryn & AmyBy Charlotte Eulette, the National Director of the Celebrant USA Foundation

For many partners in a same gender relationship, holding a commitment ceremony is a clear decision as it enables the couple to declare their love among family and friends in a formalized manner. How to actually create one, however, may be a little less clear. It is essential that a commitment ceremony gets to the essence of your bond. Your partnership should be reflected in every aspect of the ceremony – from what you wear, to what is said, to the venue/location where you hold it.

To create a commitment ceremony that will be true to your relationship and one that you will cherish for years to come, consider these tips:

Announce your ceremony… any way that feels right for the two of you. Be happy and proud to print your invitation to say any of the following in describing your ceremony: A Commitment Ceremony, a Wedding Ceremony, a Union Ceremony or a Marriage Ceremony.

Express Yourselves. Have your ceremony express in words, poetry, music and symbols how you feel about one another, your hopes and dreams for the future, your similarities and differences and the journey that brought you both together.

Consider Your Presentation. Both of you can enter the room together or separately to the music or song you both love. You can also have one or both of your parents or a special person in your life “present you”. Your wedding Celebrant can write a presentation piece to honor this moment in your ceremony.

Include Your Guests. In addition to your own personal vows, ask your guests to pledge their support too, by promising their love and support for your union together.

Put It In Writing. Include the signing of a Wedding~ Commitment Certificate in your ceremony from Gayweddings.com! Your Celebrant will invite your witnesses and the two of you to sign a certificate that states in a formal way your union. Your certificate can be a beautifully designed document and can also be made larger to include the signatures of all your guests.

Incorporate Candles. Candles have been used throughout the ages in many different ways. Consider them celebratory. If you would like to light a Marriage Unity Candle, go ahead. In fact, borrow any and all symbols and rituals and make them your own.

Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. Find the colors that you like and incorporate them into your ceremony, your invites, attire and décor. Have your Celebrant dress to compliment your style as well.

Practice, Practice, Practice! Rehearsals are very important. Make sure you rehearse your ceremony, especially your entrance, the ring ceremony, the certificate signing, readings and special rituals and the recessional. Your Celebrant is an expert at this and it should be automatically included in your agreement with him or her.

Include Something Creative and Lasting. If you are having an outdoor ceremony at your home, you might want to include a planting by your guests in your garden so that the ceremony is remembered from this day forward as love blooms!