Creating Your Own DIY Wedding Invitations

by guest author Kandice Day of My Big Lesbian Wedding, who speaks on this topic from personal experience.

Making your own DIY wedding invitations will save you more money than you probably realize, if you can dedicate the time. If the time that you have to set aside to make the invites is equal the money you will be saving, then there’s no excuse for not going the handmade wedding invitation route.

I, however, was not fully prepared for the time and energy that is involved in handmade wedding invitations, and if I never see another wedding invite again it will probably be too soon. We had decided on framing our handmade wedding invitations and creating a classy wedding collage for our bedroom, so I will have to gaze upon our blood, sweat and tears every day for p>the rest of my life…unless we redecorate.

But, then again, the handmade wedding invitations did create quite a reaction from family and friends, and the fact that we personalized each invitation and RSVP added a little incentive for quick response.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Tip #1: It will take longer than you think.

I thought it would take a weekend, maybe two, when in reality this amazing project took about a month. We only dedicated weekends to the project, and we occasionally got lazy, but you will truly need more time than you think.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Tip #2: Try and Try again.

Don’t buy all of your supplies at once. You’ll definitely need to try a few different designs and learn from your mistakes. We decided to use a classy wax seal to keep the invites closed, which took some time and practice to get the wax to drip properly and the seal to set. (Don’t get any ideas.) Make some different templates and see what works best. This shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Tip #3: Find the discounts.

Shop around for the best deals. Look for affordable prices and quality paper. You definitely don’t want to send out an invitation on construction paper with a cheap ribbon attached. Head to Michael’s, Joanne’s, and any other local craft store you can find. This will take time, but save you hundreds of dollars. Check your local paper/card stock warehouse for truly affordable envelopes and scrapbook paper.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Tip #4: Borrow the supplies.

When it got down to the cutting and taping, we were lucky enough to be able to borrow the tools. My sister happens to be a school teacher, so she has scissors galore. These tools are cheap, but a definite necessity.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Tip #5: Postage is always an issue.

Depending on how large your invites are, and how heavy they are, you may need to consult your postmaster on which stamps to purchase. This, I’ll admit, was a bit of an ordeal for us since we used the candle wax. It created a small bump in the envelope, which apparently made it more than a quarter-inch-thick. Drama. Also, the weight must be exact, so take a single invite to your postmaster and ask in person.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase stamps for the invites you’re sending, and the RSVP’s that people are sending back. It sounds like it will be costly, but trust me when I say that handmade invitations are literally hundreds cheaper than anything else, even with the purchase of stamps.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Tip #6: Get addresses! Sooner rather than later!

Be absolutely sure to get everyone’s address before you’re ready to send out your invites. The wonderful procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last possible second to get some addresses, which only stressed out my fiancée more.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Tip #7: Don’t stress out your fiancée!

Under these dire circumstances, do whatever you can to appease your fiancée. When you’re cutting a hundred pieces of scrapbook paper, printing out 300 tiny labels, reprinting the invites with the correct date, getting double-sided tape stuck to every finger, and hot wax in places it shouldn’t be, remember that you love her and it’s all for the best.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Tip #8: Register first.

Register before you get tied up with invitations, because many of your guests will begin thinking about your gift once they receive your invitations. Really, it’s the most important part, right? Think cheap, and think big. Go both routes for your guests so everyone can afford to get you a little something. And when you get them before the wedding, don’t cheat! Put them in a room where you can’t see them until after the wedding.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Tip #9: Get your hotel.

Your guests are going to want to know where you’re staying, especially family and wedding party. They’ll probably want to stay at the same place, which is great for after parties but not so great for your personal after party. Ask your hotel/resort about their wedding party discounts and make sure that every single person who is attending your wedding gets that discount.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Tip #10: Have alcohol available, lots of it.

This will take a very long time, and it will take all of your patience, but you will save money. Truthfully, we spent a total of $150 bucks to make some very impressive invitations that were personalized for our wedding theme and to each guest. This probably would have cost over $500 if we were to buy the invites, RSVP cards, registry and hotel information cards, envelopes and stamps.

Making your own wedding invitations may test your relationship, and your patience, but as long as you have alcohol in hand you’ll get through it.

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This article was originally re-printed from My Big Lesbian Wedding and has been edited by the editors at GayWeddings.com. The advice does not necessarily represent the advice of GayWeddings.com.