Five New Wedding Trends As Hot As Your Love

Lyncca Harvey PhotographyRemember when going green was all the wedding rage? Well, it still is, but gay weddings are taking off so fast the trends are changing almost as much as gay-marriage laws. Here, a few new ones that look to stand the test of time—like your love.

Comfort Corner: Never mind the diets of Chelsea Boys and Lipstick Lesbians; comfort food is all the rage these days, with entrees consisting of macaroni and cheese, hamburgers with all the fixin’s, and amazing and decadent desserts like fried Oreos and red velvet everything! Hey, you’ve been working out on your love for months—time for the pay-off.

Restaurant Review: Guys and girls are taking a long, hard look at traditional reception halls—and often deciding against them. I’m not sure if it’s because most wedding sites have a hetero flavor, but restaurants are being booked big-time. You can go very formal, or T.G.I.Homo caz. From clambakes in Cape Cod to five star fabulousness in Miami Beach, you’re favorite restaurant is not a bad idea, especially since you already know the food is fantastic.

Cross Country Celebration: There are practical elements to this multiple ceremony concept, as same-sex marriage is recognized in some states and not others. Couples have a big wedding reception in, say, New York, then hightail it back to Nevada for a more intimate gathering with the folks. Leave it to gays to find a way to make a confusing legal battle a reason for two parties!

Shots and Ladders: Yep, eloping is making a big comeback (ladder optional, of course). This type of affair is gaining major popularity with the older gay crowd who have 1) been married before or have been living together so long a celebration seems pointless), or 2) don’t have the support of one side of the family. Going away to a tropical paradise is common, as is Vegas. The Nevada desert is quickly turning into one of the gay-friendliest sites to have a wedding. Viva Las Progress!

The Long and Windy Wedding Road: It would have seemed unfathomable a few years ago, but now gay men and women are having long engagements—up to two years, folks. With so much progress, many couples have decided not to rush. They’re talking to ministers, dealing with family, thinking of children, going over a budget, and figuring out every last detail up to the big day. The reason? For most gay men and women, a wedding was something they never thought they’d be able to have. They’re behind their straight counterparts, who have been planning for, well, all their lives. To make up for it, the guys and guys and gals and gals are taking their own sweet wonderful rightful time! Cheers!

Photo Credit: Lyncca Harvey Photography via TwoBrightLights


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David Toussaint is the author of the Gay Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning, Gay and Lesbian Weddings: Planning the Perfect Same-Sex Ceremony, and TOUSSAINT!.