Five Tips To A Better Gay Wedding

A Few Quick Tips!

By Bryan Jacobson

1. Most often not done at a gay wedding, but still impactful, is to have the instrumental version of your favorite song playing softly in the background WHILE you exchange vows. This is your day, express yourself!

2. Floral décor for the reception room should look as organic on the table as it appears in nature. Bundles of one type of flower in shades of one color scheme look more dynamic than an arrangement that a florist contrives with many different types of flowers. Think simple and abundant.

3. Many couples question how much lighting the reception space needs to look fantastic. If the couple has a generous budget, all architectural elements should be uplit. Otherwise, all table arrangements and the wedding cake should be pinspotted. The dance floor and band should be softly illuminated with amber source 4s. And, of course, I always recommend that your main romantic lighting asset should always be tons of candles.

4. Don’t trust your choice of band or DJ to do their job as you imagine it to be or as it should be. Go over the song list and make sure that it appeals to you both and to your guests. Even the most well known band or DJ can make a wedding sleepy if not playing to your crowd. The most modest wedding can be the biggest success when everyone is partying.

5. When selecting a caterer, don’t hestitate to ask them to make your personal favorite dishes. If the chef is confident, he or she can easily reflect both of your personalities in the menu. A tasting should be done to ensure quality and presentation of the dish before your wedding day.