Frosty Nuptials

sweden prideIs just the thought of planning your ceremony and honeymoon giving you a migraine? Then you might consider a contest from the folks at SAS, Visit Sweden and the Stockholm Gay/Lesbian Network.

The winning US same sex couple will fly SAS with an all-gay crew (there’s a joke there somewhere) from New York to Stockholm on December 7. On arrival, they are taken to the ICEHOTEL in northern Sweden, where the wedding will take place. After two nights at the coolest hotel in the world—warmed no doubt by activities on the honeymoon night—the adventure continues in Stockholm, where they will enjoy two nights at Hotel Skeppsholmen. There’s also some dancing and dining thrown in for good measure.

Frankly, the Americans are getting the short end of the deal on this program. Swedish same sex couples can also enter-to-win a trip to the United States. But they get a wedding reception thrown for them in the lounge at the high-design Stockholm airport, and the business class cabin of the plane to New York will be transformed into a wedding chapel. SAS is calling it the “first same sex wedding in the air.” Mile High Marriage Club, indeed. Sounds like it could go from taste-y to tacky pretty quickly.

SAS’ groovy “Love Is In The Air” website is the place to find out more, create your entry (due October 10) and vote for other couples—because, of course, this is working like a reality show.

If you don’t win, but are still interested in getting hitched in a same sex ceremony in Sweden, you can! There are just a few hurdles you have to clear—mostly some paperwork you’ll need to fill out before you get there. Check out this helpful article for some background information.

Personally, I’d plan Swedish nuptials for July or August when the weather is warmest, and the blond beauties celebrate Pride in full.

Photo credit: Yanan Li / Stockholm Pride


Jon Paul Buchmeyer is the author of the award-winning humorous memoir Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life and writes frequently for Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit magazines. In addition, he is the author of his own popular blogs: ABCityblog.com and Poptimistic.com.