Gay Wedding Headlines — April 2007

Week of April 23, 2007

New Hampshire Approves Gay Civil Unions – NPR (All Things Considered) – New Hampshire will allow gay residents to join in civil unions, the result of a bill approved by the state senate Thursday. Gov. John Lynch has announced that he will sign the legislation. New Hampshire joins nearby New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont in allowing gay unions. Massachusetts remains the only state to allow gays to marry.

Mr. Spitzer and Gay Marriage – NEW YORK (NY Times Editorial) – The news that Gov. Eliot Spitzer will soon introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage — what he calls “a simple moral imperative” — is welcome and could give new national momentum to this important cause. Mr. Spitzer would be the first governor in the nation to introduce a gay marriage bill…

Week of April 16,2007

Washington Governor Signs Domestic Partnership Bill Giving Rights to Same Sex Couples into Law – OLYMPIA (The Associated Press) –  Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Saturday a measure to create domestic partnerships, giving gay and lesbian couples some of the same rights that come with marriage.

New Hamphire Governor Say He Will Sign Same-Sex Civil Union Bill – CONCORD (The Associated Press) – New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch said Thursday he will sign legislation establishing civil unions for gay couples in the state. “I believe it is a matter of conscience, fairness and preventing discrimination,” Lynch told The Associated Press.


Week of April 9, 2007

Oregon House Committee Passes Bill to Legally Recognize Same Sex Couples – EUGENE (Oregon Daily Emerald) – The House Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee passed the Oregon

Family Fairness Act (HB 2007), a bill that legally recognizes same-sex

couples, by a bipartisan vote of 5-2.

New Bid Begins For Legalization of Gay Marriage in California – SACRAMENTO ( – The California Assembly will take up a bill this week that would legalize same-sex marriage in California even though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that if this one, like its predecessor, passes the legislature he will veto it.

Week of April 2, 2007

New Hampshire House Passes Civil Unions – CONCORD (Concord Monitor Online) In what lawmakers called a victory for fairness and equality, the House voted by a nearly 2-to-1 margin yesterday to endorse creating civil unions for same-sex couples.

Disney Opens Fairy Tale Weddings To Gay Couples – LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Walt Disney Co. has changed its policy to allow same-sex couples to participate in a popular Fairy Tale Wedding program it runs mainly at its two U.S. resorts and cruise line, a Disney spokesman said on Thursday.