Gay Wedding Headlines — August 2007

Week of August 27, 2007

Iowa Permits Same Sex Marriage — For Four Hours Anyway. DES MOINES (New York Times). From towns around the state, places like Cedar Falls, Ames and Cedar Rapids, same-sex couples converged on this city as early as dawn on Friday as word spread that a judge had overturned a state law banning gay marriage.

Gay Marriage Goes Way Back. (MSNBC) Civil unions between male couples existed around 600 years ago in medieval Europe, a historian now says. Historical evidence, including legal documents and gravesites, can be interpreted as supporting the prevalence of homosexual relationships hundreds of years ago, said Allan Tulchin of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania.

Week of August 20, 2007

Same Sex And Worried About Retirement. WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Washington Post). Ken Hausman and his partner, Deane Bergsrud, have been together for 27 years, and like many couples their age, they’re thinking ahead to retirement. They both have 401(k) plans at work and individual retirement accounts, and Hausman has a pension. Nonetheless, “we worry a great deal about the future,” Hausman said. One of their worries is whether the surviving partner will be adequately protected when the other dies — because of their unmarried status.

Week of August 6, 2007

Now here come the brides. SCOTLAND (Scotland on Sunday). THE anvil’s future is pink. Gretna Green – the Border village where

eloping English couples once flocked to take advantage of Scotland’s

liberal marriage laws – is aiming at the gay wedding market to boost

flagging business.