Gay Wedding Headlines — September 2007

Gay Wedding Headlines

Week of Sept 24, 2007

Courts A Tough Road To Gay Marriage. BOSTON (The Associated Press). When bells rang in 2004 to celebrate the nation’s first gay marriages in Massachusetts, opponents warned that liberal courts were moving to permit gay marriage around the nation. Three years later, despite attempts in many states, the nation’s highest courts haven’t followed Massachusetts’ lead. Last week, Maryland’s high court became the latest after New York, Washington and New Jersey to refuse to grant marriage rights to gay residents.

Maryland’s Ban on Same Sex Marriage. WASHINGTON DC (The Washington Post). Letters to the Editor. Although The Post is to be lauded for its stand in support of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples [“A Defeat for Gay Marriage,” editorial, Sept. 22], its criticism of the American Civil Liberties Union for opposing a compromise involving civil unions was misguided.

Week of Sept 17, 2007

Maryland Ban on Gay Marriage Is Upheld. WASHINGTON DC (The Washington Post). Maryland’s highest court yesterday upheld a 34-year-old state law banning same-sex marriage, rejecting an attempt by 19 gay men and lesbians to win the right to marry.

Week of Sept 10, 2007

Ocean Grove Slaps Gays In The Face.  LOS ANGELES (The Advocate). 

New Jersey may have civil unions, but in Ocean Grove a religious group is playing the First Amendment card to deny gay and lesbian couples the right to celebrate their unions in the boardwalk pavilion.

A Court Victory For Gay Marriage. NEW YORK (The New York Sun). A judge in Albany has ruled that New York State should recognize the marriages of same-sex couples whose ceremonies were performed out of state.

Week of Sept 3, 2007

Iowa Briefly Permits Gay Marriages. WASHINGTON (The Washington Blade). For two days last week, things got pretty hectic for Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan. In less than 24 hours, the two Iowa State students got engaged, secured their marriage license and found a pastor to officiate at Iowa’s first gay wedding. But even at that hurried pace, Fritz, 24, and McQuillan, 21, almost missed their opportunity. They were married shortly before a judge suspended his decision that Iowa must allow same-sex marriage.

Legislature OKs Same-Sex Marriage Bill; Governor Expected To Veto. SAN FRANCISCO (The Chronicle). For the second time in three years, the Legislature has approved a bill to give same-sex couples the right to marry in California, with Friday’s Senate vote split almost along party lines and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger expected to veto the measure as he did in 2005.