Hawaii Awaits Governor’s Signature On Civil Unions Bill

The Associated Press reported today that:

"A bill allowing same-sex civil unions that prompted some of Hawaii's biggest rallies is headed to the governor after the state House of Representatives gave it final legislative approval Thursday.

"The House voted 31-20 in favor of the measure, which passed the Senate in January.

"Republican Gov. Linda Lingle has not said whether she will make civil unions law or veto the bill."

The vote tally, short of the 34 required for a veto override by lawmakers, leaves the outcome in the hands of Gov. Lingle.

For photos taken at the state Capitol and for more information on the dramatic vote, read the local report, Lawmakers pass civil-unions bill.

We will keep readers updated on options regarding this law in Hawaii so that couples can learn more about the legal options and how to find gay-friendly vendors.