How to Find LGBT-Friendly Wedding Vendors

Revolution Weddings

Vendor Referrals

Many couples start with their first vendor booking, then ask their trusted professionals for qualified referrals. Say, for example, you knew which venue you would book before you even said “yes.” Sales managers at wedding properties are often excellent and knowledgeable sources of recommendations. Other vendors are just as willing and able to share the names and contact information of their best colleagues. As an added advantage, a team that has worked together before can be a powerful advantage on the wedding day. Ask your first vendors to guide you towards the very best gay-friendly professionals they know.

Word of Mouth

Even as marriage equality spread like wildfire, many gay and lesbian couples haven’t attended a same-sex wedding yet. Chances are, you don’t have a pool of friends to ask for vendor advice like “traditional” couples do. If you’re lucky enough to know other gay and lesbian couples who have married recently (and in your region), you have an advantage over many others. You can seek direct word-of-mouth referrals from personal sources you trust. If you don’t have a source of direct referral, though, you need another place to start.

Online Search

The reality of most wedding vendor searches is that they nearly always either start or end online. A random website or profile doesn’t necessarily reveal the nature of a vendor’s perspective on same-sex weddings. It’s important to use a resource that’s reliable and that screens for gay-friendly businesses. Our directory of gay wedding vendors is one such source. The vendors in our directory are ready, willing and able to help all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, with their civil unions, commitment ceremonies, legal marriages and other relationship celebrations. It includes over 120,000 reviewed wedding vendors from across the U.S.

Ask the Important Questions

When you do contact prospective vendors, don’t be afraid to ask the questions that are on your mind. Many recent couples have shared that the first question they asked was “are you comfortable working a wedding with two brides (or two grooms)?” If the answer is no, you will have saved yourself an uncomfortable situation and potential heartache. You should also ask if the service provider has ever worked with a gay or lesbian couple before. Not only will you clarify his comfort and experience, but, you might find that his or her prior weddings resulted in more great connections for you to pursue. Finally, look for some of the telltale signs of a gay-friendly business when you do your research. Are your prospective professional’s brochures full of “when bride meets groom” comments, or is the language intentionally neutral and accepting of all couples? Does the website include pictures of same-sex couples? A truly gay-friendly vendor makes an effort to invite LGBT couples to consider what is being offered. Your comfort and security on your wedding day is well-worth the time you invest now in selecting your vendors. Take these steps, and trust your gut. The result should be a magical wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Revolution Weddings