Lesbian Wedding Attire Trends

Michael Farmer Photography

Perhaps no one wedding conundrum is more universally shared than “what will I wear?” For couples enjoying widespread marriage equality for the first time, there are far more options than the standard “which gown will she choose?”  Bridal designers are stepping up and offering options and alternatives to fit every combination in the LGBT community. Lesbian couples have a whole host of options from complementary gowns to gown/tux combinations, and even a growing selection of tailor-made wedding suits. These are just a few of the combinations available to today’s brides.

Two Gowns

Proving that women are awfully clever, some lesbian brides are choosing fantastic combinations of wedding gowns that look like they were made for each other. It can be difficult to coordinate styles and preserve the tradition of not seeing each other’s gowns until the wedding day. If you are a stickler for this, either enlist a very fashion savvy friend to shop with each of you, or plan to purchase your gowns at the same salon so your consultant can help you make complementary choices.

Some brides select very different gowns expressing their unique personalities, while others choose a general style and find the gown that most flatters each within it. Slim, feminine gowns of lace and sheer fabric have a romantic, sexy look together, and are a popular choice. Yet, Cinderella-inspired ball gowns can look tremendous together as well. Note: it is wise to avoid two very long trains, as logistically they can be complicated (no broken ankles on your wedding day!).

Wedding gowns come in many shades, and you are not confined to choosing two of the same color. White and ivory can look very chic together. Some couples choose one gown in ivory or a non-traditional color like lavender, and then include an accent of that color, such as a sash or bow, on a white gown. Simply request swatches from your bridal shop in advance to make sure the two colors you choose go as splendidly together as the two of you do.

Tuxedos and Custom Suits

Of course, not every bride envisions herself in a feminine gown. One or both partners may feel more comfortable wearing a tuxedo or suit. Anything goes in lesbian wedding fashion, so choose the attire that feels best to you. Choose a tuxedo source that can skillfully work with women, and allow some extra time as alterations on a woman’s body can be trickier for the average shop than for men. Don’t feel like you’re confined to a black-and-white penguin suit either. Feel free to try every possible color and style combination until you find the one that makes you feel amazing.

Wedding Suits

An increasing number of specialty lesbian wedding suit designers are offering pantsuits for same-sex weddings that are comfortable for the bride who neither feels at home in a gown, nor wants to adopt traditional men’s fashion in the form of a tuxedo. Wedding suits have a feminine flow to them, but one tempered with the style, functionality, and comfort of a pantsuit. Often, each bride will choose a wedding suit in a style and color that fits her body type and personality. These suits can be perfect in a civil court marriage, a spiritual church ceremony, and even on the beach!

The fashion possibilities for lesbian brides are endless. Before you shop, look online and see what other couples are wearing. Our Real Weddings features are an excellent source of images of couples who have creatively addressed the clothing question. Let them inspire you to find your perfect wedding attire today.

Photo courtesy of Michael Farmer Photography

S. Walker is a freelance writer for GayWeddings.com.