LGBTQ Destination Wedding Trends

Adventure PhotosBy Megan Velez, Destination Wedding Travel Group

It’s an exciting time for same-sex destination weddings, as more countries, like Ireland, extend a hospitable welcome to LGBTQ couples around the world. In fact, destination weddings as a whole are on the rise and with that, comes a new wave of trends that are focusing on wedding day customizations and the guest experience.

So what are the latest same-sex destination wedding trends we’re running across?

Location, Location, Location

More and more, couples are looking to resorts that are off the beaten path and offer a unique wedding experience. Have no fear- timeless favorites such as Cancun, Puerto Rico, and the Riviera Maya will never lose their signature “wedding-in-paradise” feel; but we’re seeing alternative spots like Capetown, Barcelona, Paris, and New Zealand joining the ranks as hot spots for tying the knot.

Adventure Photos

Honeymoon planning is also coming to the forefront, as more couples select wedding locations that allow them to get a “head start” on their post-I Do R&R.

Careful research into a destination’s culture can answer questions regarding the locality’s openness to LGBTQ couples. While there may be some considerations when planning a same-sex destination wedding, the growing number of countries welcoming LGBTQ couples guarantees that a perfect destination awaits.

An Emphasis on “Us”

Just because your wedding is a plane flight away doesn’t mean that it can’t be everything you and your partner dreamed of. Every pair has their own pathway to reach the aisle and it’s that very story that can bring a wedding to life. These days, more destination couples are cognizant of this and choose to break free from the standard packages in favor of taking details into their own hands, customizing their big day to capture their love story.

Whether it’s cultural attire, sentimental hand-written vows, custom favors or a menu of local foods, personalizing your wedding will surely make the memories last a lifetime. Each detail of a couple’s wedding day should be a thoughtful expression of their love for each other. Saying ‘I do’ among all the details that signify your relationship is a perfect way to begin your journey together.

Adventure Photos

Adventures with Family and Friends

Destination weddings bring together guests from all over the world, and couples are recognizing this unique opportunity by planning group excursions that offer incredible experiences.  LGBT families come in all shapes and sizes, so while “Adults only” packages are still popular, we’re seeing a continue increase in interest for family-friendly resorts which offers couples the opportunity to engage guests of all ages. This is particularly favored by couples that like to include their own children, or plan to invite guests and their children.

So whether it’s volleyball tournaments on the beach, a snorkeling adventure, zip lining, a catamaran cruise, parasailing, wine tasting or a tour of local historical sites, excursions are the perfect way to make the journey even more worthwhile for guests.  Planning ahead for these adventures by pre-booking is an advised (and cost effective!) strategy, so that availability can be assured. Wedding photographers are also joining in on the fun, as couples are now hiring professionals to capture every adventure as it unfolds.

Destination weddings don’t just offer a special day – they bring a fully customizable wedding and travel experience for the LGBT couple and guests alike. With the latest trends, couples now have the opportunity to spread their love across the world and celebrate their vows in a welcoming environment among family and friends.


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