Love After Loss: Rachel and Amanda’s Dream Double Proposal

Rachel and Amanda dream proposal

Rachel and Amanda’s journey began nearly two years before the two even met. In May 2012, Rachel married her love Abby, never suspecting she’d lose her less than a year later. Abby was diagnosed with cancer after the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon and passed away nine months later.

“I always had to pretend that there was going to be a bright side of everything,” Rachel said.

By July 2014, there was. She met Amanda.

“I saw her and I kind of knew—based on the way she looked at me, the way she smiled, she had really bright eyes and a very warm feeling to her—that she was going to be someone special,” Rachel said.

Amanda was an integral part to Rachel being able to move forward after Abby’s death, Rachel said.

“It’s sort of like there’s this process of soul transferring,” she said. “There’s a lot of things I see in Amanda that Abby had, and vice-versa. It’s almost as if a small part of Abby went right into Amanda. She gives me a little bit of a reminder, but it’s also refreshing that she’s completely her own individual person, too.”

After a year and a half, Rachel was ready to pledge forever with Amanda, not knowing that Amanda was ready to do the same with her. Rachel won the first of WeddingWire’s Dream Proposal contest, winning a day of pampering in New York in preparation for popping the big question. She had no idea her dream proposal would turn into a double proposal. 

Watch the video to see Amanda (and Rachel’s) reaction to the proposal. Be prepared to grab a tissue! 

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Videographer: NST Pictures