Gay Wedding Vows Might Not Make It Legal, But Hiring A Lawyer Can Help

You’ve said, ‘I do.’ Now get yourself a lawyer if you haven’t done so already. We’re not talking about prenuptial agreements, per se. We’re talking about make a sound investment in hiring a lawyer to get some legal advice to get yourself protected since “you remain strangers in the eyes of the federal government” even if you have exchanged vows.

Recently, MSN published an interesting story about financial planning for gay couples. It’s a great summary of the financial and legal planning any unmarried couple should pursue.

Ask yourself these questions:

* Do you and your partner have wills and/or revocable living trusts?

* Do you and your partner have an advanced health directive and durable power of attorney for health care?

* Do you and your partner have a durable power of attorney for finances?

* Do you and your partner have a domestic partnership agreement? Or, have you registered for whatever partnership rights are available in your home jurisdiction?

* Have you and your partner designated each other as beneficiaries?

If you answered “No” to most of these questions or weren’t sure what that legal-mumbo-jumbo means, read the MSN article and contact a lawyer in your area to learn more about what your rights are and what they are not.


Originally published on, 2006.