Making It Meaningful With An Engraved Wedding Band

Engraved RingsIn my twenty five years experience as a jeweler, I have had plenty of requests to have something engraved in a piece of jewelry. The most popular have probably been engravings in rings. I suppose getting engagement rings or wedding bands are sentimental, but for some couples, getting their rings engraved deepens their bond.

Ring engraving depends on a couple’s likes and dislikes and more importantly, the available room left inside the ring to allow for an engraver to do the work. Etching letters and numbers inside a ring needs a relatively clear surface to accommodate the engraving. Though letters today can be laser engraved and therefore be miniscule, this also means they will not be legible. So be prepared to condense your sentimental messages.

The two most popular engravings I have come across over the years have been a couple’s names and the date of their wedding (or anniversary). If this is what you and your partner are considering, please remember that stampings, grooves, holes or any other breaks in the gold will affect how much can be written inside. So please don’t be disappointed when a long name does not fit. When room is difficult to come by, though, initials are a great option.

Aside from dates and names, I have engraved messages such as “Love Always” and “I Love You,” and I have even been asked to engrave short poems. And, just because one ring has a message inside, this does not mean both have to have the same message. It is ok to choose a unique message in each ring, or only have one ring engraved.

For those of you interested in how engraving works, here are a few methods used when engraving. Older machinery does the job beautifully, but the engraver may be limited to the fonts used and the process can take slightly longer to complete. Older methods of engraving may range in cost between $30-40 per job, and charges may be calculated by the letter or by the word.

More modern engravers use lasers. The advantages of laser engraving are several. For one, a laser can accommodate much smaller letters. (Keep in mind there are lasers that engrave full words on the edge of a diamond!) Also, laser engraving will offer a wider selection of fonts and may be able to do custom designed lettering or designs. Generally speaking,  laser engravings ranging in cost from $20-50 per item.

Traditionally, the most logical place to engrave your names and/or special date is inside the ring. For the obvious reason, the names will touch your skin and therefore be closer to your heart. However, I have found in recent years some fun alternatives to having engravings done inside the ring.

Engraving your names or a meaningful phrase on the outside of their rings may be what you are looking for. This style may not be as close to the skin as an internal engraving, but the names are more noticeable to the wearer even when the rings are on the hand. Some may argue that it is far more romantic to see your loved one’s name facing you. Engravings on the external part of the ring can be done either on the bottom of the ring, or if there is a thick enough lip, could be engraved on the side of that lip. But, remember, special engraving placements may require special laser engraving equipment.

So engrave away, and enjoy your happily ever after together!


In his 25 years experience in designing and creating engagement rings and wedding bands, Rony has dedicated more than a decade of service toward helping same-sex couples translate their sentiments of commitment into meaninful custom rings, symbolizing their unique love.