Marriage Equality & Wedding Rings

Rony TennenbaumKudos to NY State for passing the Same Sex Marriage Bill this past summer! It is a very exciting time to be in New York.

Though people feel that now that the flood gates have opened and that same sex couples are knocking down the doors of City Hall to get marriage licenses, I give couples more credit than that. I’m finding that couples are getting married when they are ready for it –as it should be.

I believe that couples fall into several different categories, and that their new-found access to legal rights, in turn, impacts how couples approach their search for rings.

Existing Partners. These couples are individuals who have been together for a long period of time. These are couples who have come to the realization that, with or without laws, they want to commit their love and loyalty to one another, and will seal their relationship with rings and a formal ceremony.

Now that marriage is legal for same-sex Existing Partners in New York, they will either use their existing rings as their ritual symbol during the ceremony or they will convert these original rings to “engagement” rings and now seek out NEW rings for their legal ceremony.

I encourage Existing Partners not yet in a state that allows same sex marriages to consider the “engagement” process now more than ever, since it is my belief that legalization will arrive in their states as well. Consider the near future an extended engagement period till then.

Newbie Partners. Often of a younger generation and having grown up in much more tolerant attitudes, these young couples see legal marriage as a natural extension of their commitment. In New York, where the legalization is reality, I see a trend among these couples who come in to my store seeking engagement rings and a plan for matching wedding bands.

Reverse Order Partners. These Reverse Order Partners are couples that have been together for many years. This couple has built a life together and may symbolically have gotten each other “commitment” rings. But now that the law has made it legal for R.O.P.s to get married, they want to go back to the root of their relationship and start with the engagement period. I see couples with existing rings come in seeking matching… Engagement Rings! For R.O.P.s, the beauty of tradition is not lost, and I admire that.

Whatever your situation and wherever you are in the course of your relationship, now more than ever is the time to show the world the strength behind your commitment. Whether the jewelry you choose to symbolize your love is an engagement ring, a wedding band or some other symbolic item, I encourage you to wear it proudly. Because Love Has No Boundaries!


In his 25 years experience in designing and creating engagement rings and wedding bands, Rony has dedicated more than a decade of service toward helping same-sex couples translate their sentiments of commitment into meaninful custom rings, symbolizing their unique love.