Meet the Modern Couple: Weddings in a Post-Marriage Equality Nation

photo cred C_Wagner_Photography

[Image by C Wagner Photography]

Same-sex weddings have changed from symbolic ceremonies to large-scale affairs that resemble opposite-sex weddings at what seems like breakneck speed. Just as straight couples have influenced the way gay couples do things, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) couples have made lasting marks on the overall wedding market as well (hello, mixed-gender wedding parties). In a collaborative study of nearly 1,500 couples—both gay and straight—GayWeddings and WeddingWire joined Gay Wedding Institute and Community Marketing & Insights to learn about the modern couple. 

Some of what we found might surprise you. For example, since landmark legal decisions that cleared the way for same-sex couples to wed, the trajectory of gay couples’ engagements now closely mirrors that of straight couples. In other words, one person proposes to another person and the couple spends about a year to plan the wedding. But, that’s just part of the story. Gay couples still distinguish themselves with a different approach to wedding planning that includes ponying up more of their own cash and fear of rejection from wedding vendors. 

There’s lots more to learn about how LGBT couples plan weddings. Check out the 2016 Survey of Contemporary Couples & Current Wedding Trends.


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