NY Wedding Photographer Takes A Stand For Marriage Equality

j and j photography - gay coupleNothing turns heads in the wedding industry like the announcement of a great discount and the support of a straight ally.

The husband and wife team at J & J Photography, Jared & Jeanne Slater, have announced that they are offering a 45% off "Inequality in Marriage" discount to bring attention to the fact that 45 states do not yet recognize same sex marriage.

“While we know it doesn’t make economic sense for us to offer such an unusually large discount, we are willing to reduce our income to disprove the state legislature’s erroneous perception that straight New Yorkers don’t care about this issue,” said Jared Slater.

As more states recognize the rights of gays to marry, J & J Photography will reduce the discount to reflect the decreasing number of states where same-sex marriage is not recognized.

As of this writing (April 15, 2010), same sex marriage is recognized in five states — Massachussetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont — and in the Distriction of Columbia. New York and Maryland recognize out-of-state marriages. For more information on partnership laws currently in place, please check out HRC's Relationship Recognition Laws summary.

When marriage-equality exists in all 50 states, the “Inequality in Marriage” discount will be discontinued. Slater says, “We will ask gay couples to pay the same rates as straight couples when they are given the same rights.”


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For those of you out there who are based in New York and are interested in learning more about J & J Photography, you can visit their web site or read their Wedding Wire reviews. If you'd like more information about NY-based photographers, please check out our gay-friendly vendor directory.


Photo Credit: J & J Photography