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Wedding Gift by rfoxphotoSame-sex couples aren’t always looking for a traditional registry to share with their wedding guests. In our experience, we have found that some couples have been together for years or are merging two full households and don’t need more household items. We have also spoken with many couples who are more interested in giving back in support of social justice causes. And, of course, there are the couples who are looking for specific gifts, like camping gear, tools, or honeymoon support.

As the traditions of wedding etiquette have evolved along with the times, it is becoming more acceptable for couples to register in their own way to reflect their needs or values.

The one bit of etiquette which hasn’t changed is that it’s consiered gauche to list where your registered on your invitation so you may just have to get creative with how you spread the word about where you’re registered!

Registry Topics

Charitable Giving ideas for Commitment Ceremonies & Civil Unions 

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