On Our Minds: From Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to Say I Do

gay and lesbian wedding seminarThe last few weeks have been busy ones for us here at GayWeddings.com. We enjoyed our recent contribution to the successful Gay & Lesbian Wedding Planning Seminar; headed to the Big Apple to meet some new business partners and expand the product offerings in our boutique; and now look forward to a restful holiday weekend as we reflect on those who have bravely served our country and (thanks to yesterday's vote in the House of Representatives) now those who gays and lesbians who will be able to openly serve our country.

Same Sex Marriage Planning Seminar

A thoughtful crowd assembled on May 4, 21010 for an evening of good food (courtesy of Main Event Caterers) and helpful wedding planning advice (courtesy of a panel of local experts) at the Equality Center at HRC. One of the most popular topics discussed was the legal options and limitations of pursuing a marriage as a same sex couple living in the District and in Maryland. Our panel also reviewed the importance of defining your vision before you plan, designing a ceremony, and understanding some of the issues involved in planning your reception. Attendees offered our team overwhelming praise for the informative event, rating their overal experience as "Very Good" (40%) or "Outstanding" (60%).

New #GayIDo Products In Our Gay & Lesbian Wedding Store

We've only just begun to roll out some fabulous new products in our pioneering same sex wedding planning boutique. From brand new cake tops which offer two brides or two grooms in a loving embrace as they seal their vows with a kiss to new personalized items, we continue to be *the* place to shop for gay and lesbian wedding invitations, gifts and accessories. We've got more to come in the next few weeks, including an exclusive line that will help us to break new ground all over again! Stay tuned and please let us know what you think!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

It's hard not to feel a bit of whiplash as those of us who identify as gay or lesbian see ourselves reflected in the headlines of the day. There are those headlines which share the excitement around our opportunity to enjoy partnership equality and those which highlight the voices of those who see our love and commitment as somehow "wrong." There are those headlines which reflect the fact that same sex couples can marry legally in Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont or Washington, D.C., but also those which tell us that it's still a liability to identify openly as gay or lesbian if one wants to be eligible to sit on the Supreme Court (whether Elena Kagan is or isn't is not the point) or to serve in our military.

Simply put, we are more encouraged than ever to feel safe and embraced in our communities as we live openly, but we still have a long way to go.

The recent House vote dismantling the Don't Ask, Don't Tell ban is a huge step toward this change our community hopes to see, and we honor those military leaders and legislative leaders who have been willing to lead on this issue. We also honor those who have also moved us along the path toward the issue most near and dear to our hearts: marriage equality.

Soon enough, we at GayWeddings.com hope that the most simple catch phrases we'll enjoy saying and hearing are "Didn't Ask, Don't Care" and "Just Asked. Just Married."

And they lived happily ever after.