7 Ideas to Personalize Your Same-Sex Wedding

From walking down the aisle to dancing the night away, your wedding is a celebration of you, your partner and your love for one another. It should be a fun, yet meaningful expression of the love story that brought the two of you together.

There are plenty of places to put personal touches throughout both your ceremony and reception to tell that story. Here are a few ways to give your guests an experience to remember that will let your personalities shine through as well:

two groomsThe Wedding of Jim & Mitch at The Edison Ballroom. Event & Styling by Swank Productions

1. Choose an event space for your same-sex wedding that best speaks to your character.

Are the two of you drawn to an art deco Manhattan ballroom (such as The Edison Ballroom, pictured below), or does your style suggest more of an intimate beach wedding? Your choice of venue will set the ambiance for the entire day. Whether it’s your favorite vacation spot or where you first said, “I love you,” choose a location that’s significant to you as a couple and let everyone know why!

The Edison Ballroom

2. Pick a theme.

Pick a theme you love and use it throughout the decor, escort cards, and floral arrangements. Soft and romantic or bright and bold -be sure to pick the palette that best fits how you want to feel that day!

3. Design a personal monogram or logo.

This is a perfect and creative way to honor the two of you coming together. Your logo can be incorporated into your stationery, on your aisle runner, or can even serve as a wedding cake topper.

Custom ChuppahCustom Chuppah from The Artist’s Studio

4. Create a custom chuppah (wedding canopy).

This will serve as the backdrop for the moment you say “I Do.” You can add photos that timeline your journey as a couple or significant times in your lives, or even add your logo to the chuppah design. Artists such as Corinne Soikin Strauss from The Artist’s Studio specialize in custom creations and can help to highlight the pieces of your story that you want to tell.

5. Cater the event with some of your favorite foods.

Your menu can also be a great place to honor your cultures and backgrounds. Incorporate a dish that’s special in some way and let your caterers put their spin on it.

frozen drink cocktail6. Create a signature cocktail.

Just like dinner, your drink menu can be a fun place to integrate some personality. Make an intimate connection by choosing a wine from the year that you met, the blender drink from your last vacation, or liquor from your native country. Combine your favorite ingredients and call it a blend of your names. The next time your guests have this kind of drink, they’ll think of the two of you!

Frozen Cocktail Push-Pops by Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships

7. Consider favors that relate to your interests, backgrounds, or cultures.

You can give guests a homemade treat with the recipe attached or a candle with your favorite quote. Each time they recreate the treat or light the candle, it will be an ode to you and your partner. This is how you thank your guest for coming and express your gratitude for taking part in your special day. 

Whether it be a piece of décor, a meaningful menu item, or a family recipe, incorporating a bit of yourself and partner into your wedding plans will resonate long after the party’s over. You and your guests will have an event to remember, and leave with a better sense of who you are.

Cigall Goldman is the founder of Mazel Moments, the award-winning website that makes it easy and fun to plan any Jewish-inspired event including a wedding, bar & bat mitzvah or baby celebration. Keep up with them on Twitter (@mazelmoments)!