Gay Marriage Proposal Tips

Jeni4 Jones Go Get It Are you ready to propose to your beloved, but not quite sure where to start? Enjoy a few special tips from an expert. Jenifour “Jeni4” Jones, founder of GoGetIt.org, specializes in helping couples with design proposals with a ‘Wow!’ factor, but knows that, no matter what the situation is when the question is popped, it’s all about sticking to the basics!

Advises Jeni4:

Think about what THEIR perfect proposal would be (not yours!).

If your dream proposal would be during your favorite teams soccer game, but your lovers would be while horseback riding in Malibu, go the Horseback route- not your own! You can’t imagine how many people tell me their fiancé proposed to them in a way that the FIANCE would have wanted, and not the other way around!

Stay away from the clichés!

Forget airplanes and jumbotrons – I don’t know whoever thought that was romantic anyway? I think people tend to do those thing b/c they are GRAND – and while Grand is certainly good- you should make your GRAND gesture unique and personalized.

Make the proposal as personalized as possible.

The proposal is all about him or all about her anyway right? You will make it memorable by making it personal. Think of what you lover likes to do or where you met or their favorite movie and then implement those things into the proposal. Are they fun and wild? Then maybe a fun filled activity or grand gesture is something that they would love? Are they more reserved? Then maybe a simple and ultra romantic proposal would be best.

Make it from the heart.

While all the things surrounding the proposal can be fun, grand, adventurous, etc, when you actually ask for their hand, tell them WHY you want to spend your life with them. I think this is THE MOST important part of a proposal but a step often overlooked. Before you get to the “will you marry me” line, tell your partner why you love them, what they mean to you, what you hope your life together will be. I promise you- when you speak from the heart like this-they will be in tears.

Get help.

I am not just saying this to toot my own horn, but if your proposal involves locations, time frames, activities outdoors, clues, decorations, etc. please do not try to do it all yourself. There are professional companies, like my own, which specialize in making your marriage proposal perfect, unique and flawless. These companies do not want you to worry about anything but asking. If you can not hire someone, then ask your family and friends for their help. You will be very happy you did!

Do not propose in front of family members.

Why, oh why, do people think this is romantic or appropriate for a proposal? Most people I know that were proposed to like this WISHES that it would have happened without good old mom and pop right there, watching. You do not normally include your family in your romantic activities (I hope) so why would a proposal be any different. They will be at the wedding- that is enough. Alternatively, proposing in front of strangers is completely fine (on an ice skating rink, in times square, on top of Eiffel tower, etc). The strangers will never see you again and are happy enough to clap for 4 seconds and move along.


Special thanks to Jenifour of GoGetIt.org for her professional insights! Photo credit: GoGetIt.org