A Quick List Of Discriminatory Laws

Scales of JusticeI am a member of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. The Committee has undertaken a project that seeks to identify the differences in state and federal laws that discriminate against the gay community.

It is an astoundingly long list and I hope to address in detail over the coming months many of these issues in future blogs.

For today, I want to share with you the preliminary list compiled by the Committee and as set forth in the Committee’s Newsletter, “Open Court,” Volume 2, Number 2, Summer 2012:

• Duty to support one’s spouse financially

• Insurance law

• Employment benefits and retirement planning

• Impact of marriage on federal income tax benefits

• Parental responsibilities during marriage

• Property and financial interests

• Federal transfer taxes

• Torts and civil procedure

• The Family and Medical Leave Act

• Public benefits

• Rights and duties upon the incapacity of a spouse

• Rights to the assets of the deceased spouse

• Right of a surviving spouse to occupy housing

• Right to claim decedent’s remains and to make anatomical contributions

• Domestic violence and access to the courts

• Bankruptcy

• Requirement of divorce and annulment to dissolve marriage

• Judicial determination of support and property rights upon dissolution of the marriage

• Post-separation rights and obligations with regard to children

• Criminal law and spousal privilege

• Immigration status of spouses

The push for equality in marriage must continue.


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