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Oakland Surprise Proposal: Alisa & Cindy

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Five years ago Alisa saw Cindy’s profile online and knew she was the one for her. Yet, she hesitated to contact her, feeling Cindy was “out of her league.” In early 2011, Alisa was at a monthly women’s cocktail party in Oakland when a woman sitting at the bar hollered at her to come talk to her. Alisa was astonished to see it was Cindy. They talked, but didn’t exchange numbers.

Five months later they ran into each other at a music festival and discovered they had mutual friends. After dancing all afternoon, Alisa slipped her number to one of those friends to give to Cindy. They dated for a few months, but the timing wasn’t right.  

In February 2015, they ran into each other at the same monthly event, reunited and have spent the last thrilling year traveling, getting reacquainted and falling in love.

On March 4, exactly five years after the day they met, Cindy gave Alisa the surprise of a lifetime. She thought Cindy was in Tahoe skiing, but she was actually scheming with their friends to get Alisa to the restaurant for their surprise proposal.

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Alisa and a few of her friends had just been served wine, when a waiter placed a plate with a Macy’s business card in front of her. She recognized it at once. She had given it to Cindy the year before after a girls’ day out when she had tried on rings there just for fun.

Alisa had written “this is the one” on the card, knowing that someday they would get engaged, and that Cindy would want to know what she liked. Seeing the card on her plate she was very confused. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder and saw that she was surrounded by more of their friends, standing around their table, tears in their eyes and big smiles on their faces.

Cindy was among the friends holding a long-stemmed rose and a little black box. They had first fallen in love watching “The Bachelor,” and the rose became their symbol. Cindy asked, “Alisa, will you accept this rose?” She took Alisa’s hands in hers and said she never wanted to spend another day without her. She got down on one knee, presented her with a sparkling diamond ring and asked her to marry her.

Alisa was speechless when a guy from the back of the very crowded, cheering, clapping restaurant yelled, “Say yes, already!” So, she did and they ended in tears and laughter.

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Venue: Lake Chalet, Oakland, California // Engagement Ring: Macy’s

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