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California Backyard Wedding: Daphne & Gina

Daphne & Gina

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September 24, 2012

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Daphne and Gina met through mutual friends at a Dave Matthews concert. It was essentially a “group date” set up, and clearly it was a well calculated introduction, because the two women started dating immediately after. “We totally fell in love and it happened really fast,” Daphne said. Two years later they were engaged, and a year after that, they got married.

Gina proposed while they were visiting friends in New York City. Although they are Giants fans, they did attend a Yankees game, and Gina went all out, proposing via the jumbotron at the stadium. “It was really fun,” Daphne said. “She totally surprised me.” And Gina surprised her again two days later with a more formal proposal, including a diamond ring, at a restaurant. They were married in the backyard of a home that was incredibly meaningful for Daphne. It had been her grandparent’s home, which she’d always known as a child, and now it was her father’s home. With giant walnut trees out back, and a beautiful garden, it was the perfect venue for the brides to gather with their 160 guests. They held the ceremony in the yard, and used the patio for a dance floor. Gina wore a traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog, and Daphne wore a gown that Gina saw for the first time just a few hours before their wedding.

  They asked one close friend to write the wedding ceremony, and another friend to officiate it. The brides wrote their own vows. Their wedding took place before same-sex marriage was legal in California, so a few days after their ceremony, the brides filed for domestic partnership status. “We didn’t care about that so much, it was more important to have the ceremony piece,” Daphne said. During dinner, which was served family style, the brides sat at their own table in the center of the patio, so they could see all their guests. “It was fun to look out and watch what was going on,” Daphne said. Daphne cautions couples against taking on too many DIY projects. “They can get really stressful as the wedding day approaches,” she said. While adding a personal touch is a great idea, the key is to balance the DIY with store-bought items and the help of a professional, Daphne suggested.

Their LGBTQ-Friendly Vendors

Photographer:  Holman Photography, LLC

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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