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Legal Elopement In DC: Amanda & Cheryl

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Amanda & Cheryl got married in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 20, 2014, surrounded by 15 guests who had come together from six different states to celebrate with the brides.

For their legal elopement in DC, the couple traveled from their home in North Carolina with their young daughter, Regan. After exchanging vows, they celebrated at 701 Restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of our nation’s capital.

Cheryl’s favorite part of the wedding was the actual reading of the vows. “We wrote our own vows and I know that everything that was said from me to Amanda and Amanda to me was straight from the heart and I felt at that moment we were the only ones in the room,” she said. As for Amanda, her favorite element was the feeling of love, support and celebration that surrounded the ceremony. Both brides had a blast walking around the city after the ceremony for pictures. “People were honking at us, congratulating us, playing songs for us at the top of train stops – it all made for a truly amazing day,” they said.
Their 3 year-old daughter, Regan, also loved the wedding. Of course, her favorite part was playing ‘dress-up’ with her mommies. “She kept saying all day that she felt like a princess,” the brides said.
The celebration continued after the family returned to North Carolina. The following weekend they had a larger reception in Downtown Raleigh, where many more friends and family were invited.
The brides met in 2006, when Amanda was playing intramural basketball for her medical school team, and Cheryl had friends playing on an opposing team. They were  friends for almost a year before they started dating. “We always knew that we wanted to get married, but of course because of the laws here in North Carolina and also Louisiana where we used to live, we knew it wasn’t possible in our particular states.  After the federal laws had changed we decided that it was our time now to make it official in the eyes of the courts,” they explained.
 Their advice for newly engaged couples is this: Do the wedding the way you want to do. It’s your day. There’s going to be something that doesn’t go exactly as planned, so just roll with it and try to relax.

Their LGBTQ-Friendly Vendors

Photographer:  eKate photography // Restaurant: 701 Restaurant

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