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Grooms in White: Tasmin & Cory

Tasmin & Cory

J Brown PhotographyOctober 27, 2014

Cory and Tasmin were “officially married” in Morgantown, WV on October 27, 2014, but held their wedding and reception at Villa Di Felicita in Tyler, TX, about 90 miles west of their previous home in Shreveport, LA. The grooms wanted to create an incredibly special event so they started making plans 18 months in advance.

J Brown PhotographySays  Tasmin, “During the planning of the wedding we relocated three times, Louisiana to Seattle, Seattle to Arkansas, and Arkansas to West Virginia. We knew these transitions were coming so we hired Prestige Events out of Shreveport, LA to plan our wedding.”

The end result? “During the week of the wedding,” reports Tasmin, “not a hair was out of place. Everything single aspect of our wedding was absolutely perfect.”

We asked Tasmin a few more questions about their wedding, beginning with how he and Cory define “official.”

By “official,” I presume you mean that you got legally married in WV?

 Yes, we were legally married in Morgantown, WV.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Our favorite part of the planning process was working with Prestige Events. We had the privilege of working with the owner, Bobby Williams, throughout the entire process.

J Brown Photography

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

We both had wrote our own vows, but the best part was saying them.
What most surprised you about your wedding?

We’ve planned our wedding for about 18 months. We knew how we wanted everything to look, (and) we knew how we wanted everything to flow, but we were expecting and preparing ourselves just in case anything did not go according to plan. Well, I must say, our wedding went off without a hitch.
Did your close friends and extended family participate in the wedding?

Our closest friends and family participated in the wedding. Our parents and Godparents walked us down the aisle and our brother, niece, nephew, and close friends were all a part of our wedding party.

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What’s your best advice to other couples who are planning their weddings?

 Make sure that when you plan your wedding that your vision gets fulfilled. Couples have the tendency to go with the ideas of the wedding planner, parents, friends and family. We wanted this day to be authentic and original. That way every aspect of the wedding will be attached to a memory that will touch our hearts forever.

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What’s your best advice (in particular) for African-American brides and grooms who are planning weddings in the south as the marriage equality movement moves to states like LA, MS, GA, AL, etc?

 The best advice we can give to couples, in particular African-American brides and grooms, is understand that everyone isn’t as open-minded about equality as you are. Nonetheless, in conducting business in these states where LGBT marriage is frowned upon by many, we have continue to be sensitive and respectful.

For example. our wedding planner was sure to mention to all of the vendors (i.e.: the DJ, Florist, Pianist, Master of Ceremony) that this wedding was a “Gay Wedding.” Some vendors chose not to participate, and most of them participated. Don’t allow those roadblocks to ruin something beautiful. Having this wedding in Texas has opened the doors for other people of the LGBT community to hold similar events in south.

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Anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to give a special thanks to the three companies who went over and beyond and made our dreams come true! Our planner: Bobby Williams & DeQuinton Harris of Prestige Events; our photographer: Jeremy Brown of J Brown Photography; and our florist, Paddy Fitzpatrick of Fantasy & Fairytale.

J Brown Photography

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