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Real Wedding: Matt & Trevor

Matt & Trevor

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April 17, 2011

For couples who live in the District of Columbia, there's nothing like a glorious day and a wedding with the Capitol in the background. This certainly holds true for Trevor and Matt, who wove military tradition and personally meaningful symbols into their marriage celebration atop the Newseum, and flanked by the American flag and the US Capitol building.

Here's what meant so much to them on their special day:

Of all the photos your photographer, Stephen Gosling, took, which one is your favorite?

Stephen Gosling Photography

Our favorite picture is the one of us kissing underneath the sabre arch. We just think it's a fun picture that kind of captures the moment of happiness from the wedding really well.

Gosling PhotographyYou clearly put a lot of thought into the symbols used on your wedding day (from the site at the Newseum, to the patriotic elements, to the sabres, colors & beer favors ).

Can you tell us about the most meaningful symbols incorporated into the ceremony and/or reception?

We think the most meaninful symbol was having our wedding with the Capitol in the background.

With "Don't Ask Don't Tell" ended by Congress, we felt being able to see the Capitol was both a salute to ending of that policy, as well as a bit of a "Take That!" to people in Congress who want to deny gays the equality they deserve.


Gosling Photography Gosling Photo

Gosling Photo

Gosling Photo Gosling Photo

Gosling Photo 

You know that we're dying to ask about the cake and the beer. What can you tell us about Belgian Ale and the 19th hole?

The Belgian ale actually has very little symbolism! Matt loves beer, and we decided we wanted to give something cool and different as a favor. Unfortunately, we didn't plan well enough in advance, and we had to choose a beer that could ferment and carbonate in time. Belgian ale was one of the few choices we had that I would actually drink. The label was a stock label avaiable, which played nicely into my love of things medieval.

Gosling Photography Gosling Photo

The cake, on the other hand, was pretty symbolic. I came up with the basic idea, and Keith decided it was a good one, so he went with it and expanded it. Matt loves to golf and drink, and the 19th hole is where people go get a beer on a golf course. The tower represents my love of things medieval as well as my love of Lego (hence, the Lego tower). The dragon climbing up the side is a nod to my gaming hobby, and the parachute on the side of the tower represents Matt skydiving in (another of his hobbies) to save me from the dragon.

What was your most favorite/special response a wedding guest shared with you about being a part of your Big Day?

Gosling Photo

The best thing was part of the speech by my best man, Joe. He mentioned that in talking to some people at the wedding, they all agreed that they never anticipated ever having the option to get married. He said that Matt and I serve as role models for people who want to live their lives like everyone else and be treated as a regular member of society.

What was your greatest challenge as a couple in preparing to marry?

Gosling Photo The biggest challenge were our wedding bands. It was hard for us to find middle ground for what we wanted. I wanted something with diamonds around the band, and Matt wanted nothing like that at all. We finally found something we both liked.

Gosling PhotographyAny special shout outs to the friends, family or vendors who supported you in your planning?

Twinbrook florist was great helping us out with the flowers. We really didn't know what we wanted other than "Blue." They came up with gorgeous designs.

What's your best piece of advice to couples who are planning their weddings for 2011 and beyond?

Do what you want, and don't be held by convention for your wedding. It's your day, so don't let friends or vendors push you into doing something you don't want.


Photographer:  Stephen Gosling Photography :: Reception Venue:  Newseum :: Florist: Twinbrook Florist :: Caterer: Wolfgang Puck


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