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A Minnesota Wedding : Monica & Katie

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Katie and Monica were married on August 9, 2013, in the company of their three children and about 20 guests at a good friend’s cabin in the woods, in Minnesota. “Not all children see their parents get married – we did everything out of order – but there is something magical about that opportunity,” Monica said.

The brides first met in 2007 and became good friends. When Katie developed a serious case of mono that violently attacked her liver, Monica realized just how strong her feelings were. “I realized at that time how much she meant to me and never wanted to be apart from her,” Monica said. They began dating soon after.

Monica brought her son into their relationship, and the couple later adopted two daughters. Cherie, the oldest, is deaf, so a friend of the brides provided American Sign Language interpreting so their daughter could follow along at the wedding. During the ceremony, the brides spoke about how special each of their children were. “We really tried to make it about our family, because that’s who we are as a couple – very family oriented and fun!” Monica said. Cherie was so touched she wept through most of it.

They celebrated the day with a picnic, partly because Monica has loved them ever since she was a little girl. “There is something so intimate and family about them. Sitting on a blanket surrounded by good food, wine and those dearest is priceless,” she said. In fact, the brides encouraged their guests to get food and drink even before the ceremony started, and they all drank wine and munched on cheese and gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as it was all happening. Of course their wedding meant a lot to them personally, but Katie and Monica actually felt like they were celebrating a larger victory, that of marriage equality. “While we have always worked to ‘look on the bright side’ there was something truly magical about signing the paperwork that made it legal and having our commitment to one another not be questioned,” Monica said.

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