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Orlando Wedding: Greg & Kris

Greg & Kris

Sona Photography

March 30, 2012


Greg and Kris met through a mutual friend in 2009. They chatted a bit on social media but Kris was reluctant to actually meet Greg in person. “I am very shy and was nervous,” Kris confessed. “After a few months, I finally agreed to go on a date.” They met at a tapas restaurant and had “the best date ever.” Kris said he knew after the first date that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Greg.

A Paris Engagement

The grooms got engaged on a rainy day in Paris. Greg was not in a great mood when the day started and they headed out to the Louvre art museum. “I was cursing like there was no tomorrow,” he recalled. “Our umbrellas had turned inside out from the wind, the rain was relentless and the temperature was dropping.” Greg calmed down once they got settled at the museum, but now it was Kris who seemed a little off.

As Greg tried to take a photo of the Crown Jewels, Kris called out from behind him, “It may not be the crown jewels….” Totally confused, Greg turned to find Kris holding a ring and mouthing a proposal. “I felt so bad for how I acted earlier in the day!” Greg said. “I had no idea, but his entire family and most of our friends already knew he was going to propose.”

And how did they celebrate? “We spent the next hour calling folks back home to share the news, and then went to a gay establishment in the Marais district of Paris where the server bought us copious amounts of champagne to congratulate us on our engagement.”

An Orlando Wedding

They were married on a lake in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Kris had previously attended a ceremony at that location, and suggested they check it out. “When we met the staff, saw the venue and envisioned our ceremony, we realized that it was the perfect place,” Greg said. A close friend of theirs officiated, with about 100 friends and family in attendance.

“The most touching part of the ceremony was the first moment we had alone together, just after we had walked down the aisle,” the grooms said. “We both just kissed and cried happy tears.” The grooms weren’t keen on having a “theme” for their wedding, but they did draw on their love for travel. Each guest received a ‘plane ticket’ with their seat assignments, and the centerpieces included photos of the grooms at various destinations. Their wedding topper was a cartoon version of the grooms at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Their LGBTQ-Friendly Vendors

Photographer:  Sona Photography // Reception Venue: Paradise Cove Orando

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Denise Oliveira is a Brooklyn-based writer. She has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York City and is the founder of Prequels, where she interviews engaged couples to create wedding invitations and favors that incorporate their love story.

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