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Lesbian Wedding: Stephanie & Jeannine

Kristin Chalmers PhotographyBoston, Massachusetts
September 13, 2013

Alaska-based brides, Stephanie and Jeannine, first met up with their photographer, Kristin Chalmers, in Roxbury.  They had traveled many miles to exchange vows… and catch a Red Sox game.

After a brief session at the condo they had rented, the brides and their photographer loaded up into a stretch limo, and headed to Boston City Hall for their 2 pm appointment; a journey interrupted only by a quick pit stop to pick up a few flowers in a shop not far from Government Center.

Prior to their arrival, Steph and Jeannine had explained in a planning call with Kristin that they were not a couple overly comfortable with public displays of affection (PDA). “No worries,” said Kristin. “You just be you.”

“But something happened,” says Kristin, as they walked downtown to take photos. “The people of Boston welcomed Steph and Jeannine and congratulated them because it was kind of obvious that they were getting married. Everyone, and I mean everyone, young and old, were coming up to them and asking, ‘Are you getting married?’ and ‘Wow, you both look so great!’ and ‘Congratulations you two! That is awesome!'” It was this influence that, after a while, led the brides to come out of their shells. “You could see they felt safe,” said Kristin, “and slowly began to walk hand and hand. It was fantastic.”

Their LGBT-Friendly Vendors

Photographer:  Kristin Chalmers Photography // Other Location: Boston City Hall Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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